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  1. Thanks for the clarification! On a side note how does ESPN still give us a 13% chance to make the playoff?
  2. I’d guess we will jump Oklahoma and NW drops after losing to MSU so I’m gonna guess 10 as well.
  3. Iowa Maryland Michigan OSU Minnesota MSU Rutgers
  4. Can we get a draw for the terrible PI call at the end of the PU game? 😛
  5. Purdue Iowa Indiana Maryland Illinois Wisconsin Rutgers
  6. Iowa Nebraska IU Rutgers Ohio St Wisconsin NW
  7. Michigan nebraska MSU Maryland Wisconsin (doubt they play) Illinois Rutgers
  8. Given the circumstances, I think Sheridan did a great job. He had guys in positions to make plays. Penix finally had the light turn on for that last drive and I LOVE the fact that the coaches went for 2. I’m looking forward to seeing how our offense handles a less talented team in Rutgers.
  9. Minnesota MSU Purdue IU Nebraska NW OSU
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