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  1. I appreciate this response. Really do. And it’s fitting ironically that someone I’ve butted heads with on the board I’m now finding some common ground with. Otherwise I’m outta here for awhile. I have enough millennials telling me how I’m supposed to feel, think and see things I don’t need it on a programs message board I love. Everyone processes thru things and need to. Me just screaming “I LOVE THIS HIRE” isn’t going to change the fact that I do NOT. The worse deflating hire I’ve EVER experienced for any team I’ve followed in my LIFE. I hope to God this works out. I actually R
  2. Fans tend to. I hated the Crean hire but had to get on board and buy my “Crimson and Crean” shirt and just believe that he’d buck what was so obvious...that IU would become Marquette South.
  3. I am all ears right now but someone in favor of this hire help me grasp something... If this was Dolson’s guy...or even let’s say he was Dolson’s 3rd or 4th but he was high enough that it wasn’t even worth looking at proven coaches still in the tourney he could’ve interviewed and offers big money to which wouldn’t be a gamble at all...if Dolson believes “This IS our man who’s gonna do it...” Why is he worth a measly 6 years 22million? To me with him not being on anyone’s radar besides many people saying “NO WAY” it’s hard not to take this as “We just went with our boy for a barg
  4. And if he doesn’t it’ll tell you all you need to know for what’s ahead in recruiting. These are the “easy sells.” These kids have every reason to stay for any coach who turns their crank. If he can’t sell them we’re screwed. If he DOES it doesn’t mean he’s gonna kill it in recruiting, but if they mostly or all leave, we are screwed.
  5. I gotta go for a run. This is absurd. I suppose it’s how you “spin it.” I’m not buying “spin.” This hire SUCKS. And waiting this long and letting the base think it could’ve been better made it worse for US, for Dolson, for Wood, etc. this hiring process was a complete FAILURE.
  6. If I can make things more nerve wracking let’s watch what happens with our boys in the transfer portal. Keep in mind these are guys who already committed to IU once. They’re HERE and have friendships, familiarity, etc. if most walk...you’ll see where recruiting is headed right quick. These are the “easy sells.” If he retains all of them it won’t prove he can recruit, but if he loses most or all it’ll be a nice glimpse into what’s to come.
  7. Someone help me understand this… So our athletic Director is hiring someone to do his job leading the basketball program because he’s so inapt at doing it? What in the world is going on??? Are we trying to set a whole new bar for a cluster of a basketball program? This reminds me of a bunch of neighborhood kids dumpster diving at the local construction site to build a treehouse.
  8. Great go allow all this fantasy with other coaches to occur instead of naming him immediately...setting him up for even WORSE of a fanbase reaction then if you would’ve just hired him. This was the worst handled hire I’ve ever seen. Literally made it worse in how they did it.
  9. This 👆🏻 Literally checks virtually all of the boxes for worst case scenario. Dolson showed who he is.
  10. I HATE what our program has become. We are a JOKE. And I am now here to concede for the first time in my life... We are NO LONGER a “Blue Blood Program.” That program is dead.
  11. Screw this. Indiana doesn't care about winning. Period. NO other way to see it. It’s one big “good ole boys” club.
  12. This is fricken embarrassing. Appalling. I am SO disgusted by the Indiana University basketball program, the AD, the BoT, and everyone. This is the NEW low on the programs history. I’m SO pissed.
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