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  1. A bit of an issue with the graphic, but it should be fixed now!
  2. We're back with a new installment that we hope to publish after every game! Check out the Indiana Basketball Lineup Report: Nebraska edition where we breakdown the top lineups by usage, plus-minus, and plus-minus per minute. Does anything jump out to you as fans?
  3. For those interested, we broke down the game tape for Saturday and looked at three key topics:
  4. Here we go - the hump day before Saturday. Here's our full scouting report on the Buckeyes with breakdowns, what to watch for, and predictions!
  5. We've got a new series that takes a deeper look at the film of each game. Each week we'll delve into 3 or 4 key topics to try to get a better understanding of what happened once we can watch the game on DVR. ‪GAME TAPE 🔁: Join our film room as we analyze a number of topics in Indiana’s week two game. Appreciate your feedback HSN!
  6. Hoosiers win in largest home margin of victory, 52-0 over Eastern Illinois
  7. Before we shared this widely on social media, we wanted to drop HSN the first glimpse at our long conversation with Jordan Geronimo. Read the full interview with Jordan Geronimo here! Some quotes I think HSN will love: "I like the sound of the squeaking on the hardwood. I don’t know how to explain it." "My brain is like 'Wake up, work out, get better, wake up, work out, get better.'" "It's not the things he said, it's the way he said them. That's what made me trust him." "I just knew that I wouldn't get another school like Indiana in terms of basketball. I
  8. Updated 2019-2020 schedule with TV and tip times.
  9. Full scouting report of Indiana's week 2 match up against Eastern Illinois
  10. Breakdown of Jordan Geronimo's game Some great videos and highlights for those that are interested
  11. Fred Glass has generously given us a tour of the new Terry Tallen Indiana Football Complex - pictures and video here!
  12. Thought I'd share an infographic we put together earlier this summer: https://indianahq.com/infographic-big-ten-basketball-coaches-trophies/ More of an objective take at coaches and their accomplishments/salaries
  13. Finally - rejoice! Football season is here (and that means basketball season is around the corner) IndianaHQ has our first scouting report of the year for Ball State. We'll be posting our scouting reports every Tuesday of the week prior to the game. Enjoy and we appreciate any feedback.
  14. We have added a free printable schedule for anyone interested: Printable 2019-2020 Schedule (FREE)
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