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  1. We just made a top 7 for Shawn Phillips.
  2. Right now we are playing like a tournament team.
  3. Pretty good feeling this kid is going to end up in the ACC. Just picked up an offer from North Carolina.
  4. He made the edit so he definitely knew. Was probably just trying to create some suspense for the kid since it was fairly obvious where he was going.
  5. He is a knockdown shooter
  6. The 4 are IU, Louisville, Alabama, and Georgetown.
  7. I'm wondering that as well. Also a little surprised he'd transfer rather than just going pro. I like that we'll get an answer quick and he won't drag us along.
  8. McDonald's All-American transferring from West Virginia. Probably could've gone pro last year. Wants to cut to down to 3 to 5 by the end of the week and make a decision this weekend. Has heard from IU along with Clemson, Florida State, Memphis, Kentucky, Miami, NC State, Pitt, Tennessee, Utah, and Western Kentucky. https://247sports.com/Article/Oscar-Tshiebwe-transfer-schools-timeline-Clemson-Florida-State-Indiana-Kentucky-Memphis-Miami-NC-State-Pittsburgh-Tennessee-Utah-Western-Kentucky-158670151/
  9. Do we think this is the end of this recruiting class?
  10. I'd like to see us get two PGs in the 2022 class because by then Al, Rob, and potentially Khristian will all be gone. Maybe one highly ranked who can come in right away and play then one other like Walker who may need a little more time.
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