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  1. Wow 4 of our first seven games are against top 25 teams! Soon be some great games!
  2. When you see players mouth off in the huddle during time outs . Players acting disinterested in huddles. Teams coming out of huddles an not playing hard you know the coach lost the team! To be honest none of Archie teams seem to respond to him.
  3. Does someone have to leave to make room for this 7 footer or can someone redshirt for a year?
  4. I am excited about next year! I believe we have added some serious punch to our line up! I also am hoping that if rapid fired threes isn’t working we can also turn to something else to keep us scoring! No one wants to bring back the Crean days of Hugh turnovers and no defense! I love up tempo, but hate turn overs. I also hate when a team just comes down and does what ever they want and we can’t stop them. you have to admit even under Archie our team gave up and the othe team just took over.
  5. Agree, maybe he stood out because others around him were looking so bad! He was the best of a team that wasn’t performing!
  6. Who are we after in the portal? Any prediction on who we’re getting? If anyone.
  7. I to am feeling much better about Coach Woodson! Love that he hired Fife. I am expecting a better and more fun team to watch. We need to be careful to not over expect great things next year. Losing Franklin was a big hit to our team. Hoping we can replace him with a good shooter either out of the Portal or JC route. I believe the biggest excitement for me is what we do moving forward. Let’s get a couple of recruited class, then we will have a true sense of who Coach Woodson is doing. I do believe it is very important that we a much better next year for him to get better recruits.
  8. I really have no ideal other then TJD. I’ve never seen Stewart or Johnson play other then clips. Race, Landers, Geronimo, Leah, Galloway,Rob P, this group has got to improve greatly on offense. The ones that do will play more. Hunter I believe will do well in this up tempo shot the ball offense. He has shown he can shot, but he really needs to play defense and rebound better. Brunk will be fine giving TJD a break. I am hoping these guys can really improve there shooting because that was our biggest issue under Archie. Lack of consistent shooting. I am worried about living on the Three
  9. I hate losing Franklin , for what ever reason he wasn’t happy at IU. I can’t find any reason for him to leave other then he was afraid of losing playing time. Franklin was the best guard on a very bad team! I think the addition of Johnson and Stewart will more then off set Franklin and Durham leaving. I see all the names in the Transfer Portal I don’t know who we can get realistically. I would think we will pick up a couple more and hopefully they will be better then Franklin. I would rather see Franklin transfer then to see him stay and be unhappy. That can lead to more problem
  10. Just my opinion but I guess Race an Franklin should know if they want to comeback or not by now. They know their team mates and the know the school. They know Coach Woodson by now as good as they will know any other coach so you in or out. If none of that is good then say I am not coming back. Move on.
  11. I agree! Armaan really improved his shooting , if he can improve his ball handling he could be awesome! I personal loved how hard Race played! Big fan of his! He needs to really improve his shooting and he could be awesome also!
  12. Well I would like to see Franklin, Race an Landers all comeback! Everyone has to do what they think is the best direction for them at this point. That also includes Coach Woodson and IU. I would hope we are not sitting waiting for answers from them. Franklin,Race and Lander all ready know they will play. How much depends on them. Work on your shots, be ready to play hard. Get in shape. Is it going to really be different at any other school they go to. Come play for Coach Woodson he was an NBA coach. I would think he could help them understand what they need to do to get to the next leve
  13. I get that , but Hunter is at Indiana now. I read somewhere that 11 teams in theNCAA tournament had IU connection! That he can put that on his resume andifthey turn it around he can choose his next job!
  14. Great news I was really hoping he would stay! Come on home guy’s let’s all come home and do what you came to IU to do! Put us on the map and go play at the next level. You now have a coach who has played an coached in the NBA! I can help teach you what you need to know to make the next level. You already have time invested in IU comeback and finish what you started! Cause now it can be a two way street!
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