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  1. Another excellently written piece. Thanks Mike and Dustin.
  2. Can I create ARE, Levron Williams and Jeremi Johnson to run my (Cam’s) unstoppable triple option?! Who else here tried moving Antwaan to WR in the weeks before that opener at NC State?? (Showing my age?)
  3. You’ve nailed my thoughts 100% Well put: how/why do our players shoot so poorly vs their HS stats? Is it some sort of pressure? Is it weight training? Is it mental? Four years and just Inexplicable bad Free Throw shooting...???
  4. We owe that punk a mean beat down!
  5. Is the Fisch call of the game (or final drive) available anywhere? Going to be in the car today.
  6. Agree... I just had to quote/respond because I’m absolutely THRILLED your post is a legit discussion we’re having on an IUFB board!!! It’s just awesome! LEO
  7. Crimson Cast had a good point: IF, and I mean IF, Hoosiers happen to come out and control the game they might keep a lot of playbook in their pocket for next week... I’ll try to remember that if playcalling seems lacking. I thought the OC called a good game last week and the just execution fell short until the heroics. Guys we’re open ( and yes I also hated the predictable 1st down runs and the back to back sacks without help for LT). Excited for 3:30!
  8. “The players are excited about it as a sign of unity, as a sign of togetherness, peace and love that we want to promote,” Head Coach Tom Allen said. “I want us to be a beacon of what it looks like to love each other and care about one another, no matter where you are from, and no matter whether you have differences or not. We have to be able to work together to make the world a better place, make Bloomington a better city, make the state of Indiana a better state, and have that impact across the country.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.whas11.com/amp/article/sports/college/social-justice-iu-football-debut-logo-on-uniforms-in-penn-state-hoosiers-memorial-stadium/417-0f922bd4-2dc4-4610-9c31-facb7ae99d01 So that message is, in your view, adverse to what the majority of IU fans think and feel? Count me as an alum, and resident, who can live with it.
  9. This is my exact experience with DD radio covering any topic: I couldn’t stand how rude he was to callers (even those that deserved it). Just not a dude I’d enjoy sitting next to at a bar so why listen to him in a car.
  10. Galen ( or anyone) For some reason I’m needing to know what is the image on that kitchen towel??? Chickens fighting? A samurai child riding a baby dragon?... call it quarantine boredom but my wife and I must know.
  11. There is also another reddit simulation tourney being done with the 2010 version of the game. In that tourney IU was a 10 seed and played Houston... pretty cool ending.
  12. Guessing its due to the second Jazz player confirmed with the virus
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