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  1. Speaking of which, yesterday on the DD show he referred to TJD as “Tracy Davis”. A classic grandpa move. (I’ve also come around and am excited, just funny and hopefully they add some youth on the sidelines to counteract the old guy factor)
  2. I’m about as far from a conspiracy theorist as it gets and still admit 5 days later that BS’s comments seemed incongruent, unnatural and more extreme than necessary. It rubbed me wrong as well, to the point where I’d actually be a little less excited if he had a change of heart (which I’d put at .5% of happening). We need someone who is all in, who jumps at the opportunity to coach at Indiana. That’s not BS so time to go find that guy. I absolutely trust Dolson here and think he’s doing this the right way.
  3. I didn’t see this posted yet so here is a decent argument as to why Woodson. Not saying I agree, but it at least helps me think I wouldn’t be as depressed if it happened. https://t.co/fWoC38ufRZ
  4. So that last possession we should have had the ball with 1.3 seconds to go because of the shot clock violation and Archie just waved it off and basically said, Nah, we’re good.” He’s given up too
  5. What are the chances Archie gets fired at the half?
  6. Something happened for the first time in my entire life tonight… I completely missed an IU game because I didn’t even know it was on. I can definitively say this has never happened to me. Not knowing we played a game would have been unthinkable for me before this year.
  7. This post pretty much sums it up. I knew we played but intentionally didn’t even record it. I’ve legitimately probably only not watched (either live or on DVR) 5 games in the last 30 years and now I don’t even care. I always hope we win and want the kids to do well but I can’t justify the 2+ hour commitment and anger/anxiety it causes me this year
  8. I had no idea Matta was only 53, had him pegged for early 60’s for some reason (maybe the health issue stuff). Now I’m intrigued
  9. I mean, is anyone even surprised anymore? I knew this was coming as soon as we were up big early. I’ve seen this movie too many times
  10. Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have said he’ll never go back to Butler because you’re right, I could see him riding off into the sunset there. My point was just that I don’t think people realize just how attached he is to Butler.
  11. Here’s how I look at it, coaches view things differently than fans or former players. Stevens grew up a huge IU fan, but then coached at Butler for a total of 12 years as an assistant or HC) While I don’t have deep connections, I live where he grew up and know enough to know that by all accounts he bleeds Butler blue now more than Hoosier crimson (or red or whatever it is now). He’ll never go back to Butler but I’m also not convinced even if he came back to college that IU would be the foregone conclusion. Coaches don’t think like fans or former players, which is also the one thing that makes
  12. Again with the missed chippies. Ugh
  13. I completely lost my BTN feed on Directv. All other channels work. God must be telling me something
  14. You’d think Al has played enough games in his life to know how much dribbling 7 seconds will get you
  15. I’d like to see a shot chart on missed layups/put backs.
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