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  1. Is he saying “hey Indiana fans” because he’s trying to make fun of us again, or could he actually know something with Thad?
  2. Let’s say it is indeed Matta, wouldn’t we be able to know that for sure before the tournament ended since he isn’t coaching? I could also see Dolson being sneaky, making people think “oh it must be someone coaching in the tournament” and not announce it until after its over making people think it is, and then ends up not being at all.
  3. If healthy and able to do what it takes to get IU back, i would good with Matta if it happens. Give me Matta with Michael Lewis and Kenya Hunter on staff.
  4. I can’t decide if I want Texas Tech to lose today so we can hurry up and see if Beard will be our coach, ha. If we arent getting Stevens then Beard is definitely my preference. I would think he’d be on Dolson’s radar for sure, and it seems right knowing he was in Bloomington with Bobby and Pat in town.
  5. I like Beard. Seems he would bring the fire and passion we thought we would see from Archie but never did. Looks like he gets the fight out of his players. I think he’d understand what being at IU is all about and realize the expectations. His comments after their tournament win were funny too....”I want to thank Mr. Lunardi. He never picks us and our guys kind of feed off this....Not sure if he got a speeding ticket in Lubbock back in the day or whatever, but we made a run in the last tournament and we intend to make a run again.” 
  6. Here’s another gem...didn’t know if you guys over here have seen this one. This guy has some really close insider info. He rarely posts and releases what he hears, but when he does, it’s usually gold.
  7. Could Beilein be set up to be an assistant? I know they say he’d never be one, but heck if it’s with Brad Stevens and John only happens to want to be in the game for a few years anyways...could be wrong, just throwing out possibilities...also yeah they could just be following him from the past before he came to IU. I don’t think it’s gonna be Beilein since it’s gonna be Brad Stevens.
  8. 6 minute scoring drought? That doesn’t sound like us at all...
  9. Archie postgame: “well we started the game with a good lead, but give Rutgers credit, they’re a really good team.”.....WE are supposed to be a really good team, Arch! (yes I know the game isn’t over yet..)
  10. I agree. At times he has looked just depressed as heck and doesn’t know what else to do. His body language has definitely been on the negative side lately. Maybe he really is willing to put ego aside to put himself in a happier state.
  11. Well dang, if that’s true then that’s some pretty big info. Not doubting your post, just very interesting if that’s indeed the case!
  12. With all this thread has been through, Archie coming back for a 5th year just sounds so boring, ha. I guess I just don’t see how transfers are gonna help him too much from becoming a stellar team and be so much more successful. If he couldn’t get the players he already picked to produce, then how will he get transfers he picks to produce? I can see it both ways to where 1. We actually don’t have as good of players as we think and we need some new faces, but 2. We actually do have a solid roster and a different coach would be able to get them to produce at a higher level. They say Archie’s defense takes a couple/few years to get into place and be solid, so what if he gets a bunch of new faces. How are they gonna be successful next year in his system their first go around? Our defense has actually gotten worse here lately and the players should know exactly how to make it work and they aren’t. There definitely seems to be a disconnect between Archie and the team and he doesn’t act like a coach how knows how to figure things out. People think we will lose a handful of the players we like on the team if Archie is gone, but I honestly don’t think so. I think they’d be more than willing to stay and play for a new coach. They genuinely seem to enjoy IU. I guess I just feel worried about seeing a repeat of this year next if he returns, and even if he happens to finish top 5 in the conference once the other teams have a down year, does Archie get extended for doing better? And then what happens when the other teams reload...Archie back to finishing 10th in the league again? I want to be elite because our coach is legit and knows how to get everything out of his players...not because the rest of the conference happened to give Archie a favor by having a down year.
  13. I’m just still wondering if there’s the chance they keep Archie another year. I’ve seen it could definitely still be up in the air and they haven’t decided yet, but there seem to be signs obviously that point to him being gone. I know the signs have been strong, but as far as him NOT being the coach next season, hasn’t everything been “if”, or has there been anything/anyone stating factually that Archie will not be the coach next season?
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