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  1. Does Jerome go somewhere with 3 years of eligibility. I can't remember anymore if the COVID year tranfers when you transfer or not.
  2. Not surprised since steam and stories starting popping up about Durr. Seems Hunter and Rob would be the top candidates to move on. Fife talked up Rob.
  3. Didn't Pedro chew the button off the top of that hat. Loved that guy during the Big Red Machine days. Don't know that answer but will go Gary nolan as a guess. I'll go look it up on google now
  4. Has anything happened with M. Carr yet? Was Race recruiting him?
  5. Armaan Franklin. He just hasn't come to realize it yet.
  6. I believe there are a lot of NBA candidates if they desire leaving the NBA for college. Mosely (Dallas) and Billups (Clipper) played at colorado. J. Vaughn is from LA. Walton played at Zona as mentioned. JET aka Jason Terry? I know Kidd went to Cal but he spent some time in Phoenix so maybe Arizona is a fit. Sean Miller and Gregg Marshall were hot when IU hired Archie. Now all 3 need jobs. UTEP?
  7. https://www.si.com/college/washington/recruiting/national-recruit-tamar-bates-has-rush-of-new-suitors-including-uw Tamar Bates wants to play for a black coach after all the racial tension. He decommitted from Texas after shaka moved on I think. Should Woody and Hunter give him a call. I suspect Shaka may still get him but who knows.
  8. IMO, Tech had to know he would eventually leave for UT otherwise they would not have put that crazy up front buyout into his contract. Once the buyout got somewhat reasonable and the timing was with the UT meltdown, BOOM, he gone home.
  9. I did not want to see Smith leave even with some of the offensive frustrations he provided.
  10. IMO, the clips will get it right this season and come out of the West.
  11. There also seems to be a lot of highly ranked 2021 that are listed as undecided. Maybe being new to the college recruiting, Woodson can jump in. That Holmgren guy is a center and top ranked player. Also, Tamar Bates wants out of his Texas commitment. Maybe going to follow shaka or maybe not? He is at the same Folrida academy as 2 high ranked centers. I don't follow the recruiting enough other than the names but would it be a good idea for Woodson to make call or a visit to that academy?
  12. Woodson brings a ton of experience. So what if he is 63. Isn't it hard to land a coach who will last for 20+ years. I don't that as a hiring factor anymore. And if he doesn't work out maybe Matta gets his back right enough to take over. Some Woodson history for his resume: He has played for Red Holtzman, Hubie Brown, and Rick Pitino in the NBA. He has been an assistant for Doc rivers, Thibs, Chris ford, and Larry Brown (Pistons title year in 04) and D'Antoni. He took the Hawks from being a doormat to playoff team. If it wasn't for his 1st 2 years in Atlanta, he'd
  13. Actually he did not lose with the Knicks. He took over for D'Antoni and went 18-6 to get the team in the playoffs with a 36-30 record losing to Lebron and the Heat. Then had a very solid follow up before losing to the pacers in EC semis. IMO, he is fine coach. Can he recruit the talent? Not advocating for Woodson but sure wouldn't be disappointed if he were the guy after making Brad, Beard, Drew, Musselman, Bennett say No. Outside the box, I think Chauncey Billups will succeed no matter what route he takes. I expect his lack of IU ties and experience makes him a non factor but I thi
  14. Kind of the same as entering one's name in the NBA draft to research all your options. Will TJD do both?
  15. I think that pick is top 3 protected so Wolves keep it in that case and GS gets 22 pick unprotected. I like cunningham but the 4 pick is likely to be pretty good too if the Warriors land that one.
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