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  1. It was a penalty. The issue I have is it was issued the next day after someone called in. The Tour is getting heavily involved with betting. This needs to stop. Once a player leaves the course its over. A lot of people bet on Cam Smith over night.
  2. Cam Smith cost him self the #1 ranking over not knowing a simple rule. It would shock you the guys that dont however.
  3. oh some good ones coming. 2 cards, I forgot about one. lol.
  4. Someone messaged me asking if I would sell a jersey. If you see anything you might want when I post them, message and make an offer. Not why I made this thread but not against it. Plus I wont want an arm and a leg.
  5. Good haul this week. Will post a photo when everything arrives next week. I paid the most i have ever paid for a card. You'll understand when I posted the photo.
  6. Cam Smith can flat roll the rock. Best i have ever seen. There have been some good ones. Tiger, Loren Roberts, Brad Faxon. Cam just above Tiger in my mind.
  7. Get the ball out of their hands and here comes the big name players up the leader board.
  8. Are you in the media? Writing half my quote. Fake news, fake news!! lol.
  9. Under the tours new found money system for next season. If Tiger matched his best season on tour he would make $1.3 Billion in earnings for the season. He has to be wondering where all this money has been the whole time.
  10. You understand it was 11 guys not LIV that sued. 2 totally different things. Well 10 now, Ortiz removed himself before the hearing. I dont think Augusta changes their rules just to keep out past champs and other major winners. Dp Tour is going to let them play in the Australian Open and Australian PGA, which are Majors on the PGA Tour minor league tour. All those guys have agents and lawyers, they knew going in what the cost was. It will be settled before it goes to court again.
  11. Flushing It @flushingitgolf · 1h LIV have their 48 signed players for next season and we believe there’s about 30 known players with contracts, the rest are yet to be announced. Due to NDAs, there will be some inevitable surprises. The “freight train after the FedEx” looks very real. Holy crap...Thats 18 top 50 players still unknow, That will gut the PGA Tour. John Rahm was told to me the other day but he was so vocal against I blew it off. Now Who knows.
  12. Ebay Auctions, Mojo Sports a couple others. Mainly ebay is the best deals. Then i take them and get them matted and Framed with a card and the COA. I bought a P.Manning Jersey for $200. Had it Framed, sold it on ebay for $1300.
  13. LIV Golf Nation @LIVGolfNation · 1h BREAKING: The Times is reporting Cameron Young will be joining #LIVGolf after FedEx Cup playoffs. Young is the 17th ranked golfer in the world and currently in the top 10 of the FedEx Cup standings.
  14. Cameron Young is world #17 and will reportedly go to LIV after the playoffs. Norman has publicly stated that they’ve turned down top 50 in the world golfers so guessing there will be plenty of more ‘bigger’ names to come in the weeks ahead. Its going to be stunning when all are announced. This one shocked even me.
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