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  1. Staff spinning their wheels with this 22' class. Might as well shut it down, get 2 or 3 from the portal and focus on 23 and 24.
  2. I put in a draft claim for you, he will be there for your first pick.
  3. I think its just carpet bombing the 22' class playing catch up and maybe hitting on someone by accident. The 23' class is where this staff will make hay. imo.
  4. yes draft order will be set by yahoo. I think 30 mins before the draft time you can log in.
  5. Is committed to play Lacrosse at Notre Dame.
  6. They dont over recruit, schools like OSU, stockpile. Thats where IU needs to get to.
  7. Another CG kid. Will play baseball too i would think. First team All-State in Baseball.
  8. offered, dont have him yet.
  9. PWO offers from IU, Michigan, Florinda, Miami and others. One of the top ranked kickers in the class of 22. Yes Adam's son.
  10. He doesn't need Marshall as much as cheeseburgers. Let him stay at my house for a month....lol🍺
  11. Don't you say this when someone is wrong? Because he is our 2nd 2022 commit.
  12. The staff has some work to do.
  13. Relationships are very important in recruiting. CMW's 2 HS recruits are solely from assistants knowing the kids on another level.
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