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  1. I hate football recruiting until the name is on the paper. we have one commit now who put out 100% committed respect it. 3 weeks later, headed to Ga.Tech this weekend for a visit.
  2. I had a nice talk with a great kid today from Dallas. A WR. was with his mom and grandmother, also very nice. First visit to btown and was loving it. I didnt bother asking him his name, anyone know who this is?
  3. you take him with this in mind. someone to spell TJD 3 to 5 mins a half. What ever he gives you is a bonus. nothing more.
  4. Is he the first 5 star in IU history? his page says 5 star, what does 247 say?
  5. Not a big fan of Kent's but here is his take.
  6. It might be the only place that would take him.
  7. Ok, not going to put it out there because i cant verify a part of one thing i was told, no point. To your question, far, far less than the last staff.
  8. Agree, at a point i wont put out what i hear.
  9. From what i'm being told. Hunter started his crap with Woodson that he did with Archie and was shown the door. "Woodson's not hear to play locker room games, things will be dealt with quickly", quote.
  10. I Like it. Archie's at home kicking the dog right now.
  11. I can see 1 maybe 2 more that don't fit with the players Coach is trying to recruit. We'll see.
  12. You are correct on the big....when coach was in college freshmen didnt play much. in the nba most rookies dont play at all. I dont see freshmen playing much at IU going forward. The portal might change that but you never know.
  13. I'm guessing if you can't play defense you won't be here long.
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