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  1. It appears Colorado's BB coach is pulling a Coach Prime.
  2. My next arrival is going to be in honor of @5fouls.
  3. UNC coach and Cal both said this week they are going to change their recruiting and add guys from the portal. Its the times we live in now. You take a proven kid from the portal over 3 and maybe some 4 star high school kid who is unproven.
  4. New arrivals. Theismann #23 of 25. Kamara #4 of 12. D.Jones #6 of 35. All rare cards.
  5. Looks like the portal is taking the weekend off. Only a dozen or so today.
  6. Kan.St. had 2 players on their team in July. Elite 8. Teams can get healthy quick in the portal.
  7. Leal paid for his sisters college. A lot of cash for sitting at the end of the bench. All the players have merch. on websites. The campus stores all sell their merch. A lot of opportunity to make NIL money at IU, even for #13.
  8. With the right players around him. If its what we have now it won't matter.
  9. Not sure of the break down by school here but it appears some schools maybe losing half their team.
  10. 4000 points in high school? I guess he can score.
  11. 3 things that don't last long, Dogs that chase cars, Golf pro who always putt for par and Basketball coaches that don't recruit athletic guards.
  12. You have to smile at kids entering the portal and posting their new school at the same time.
  13. $750 plus. I went into a sports card store in Btown the other day and they had everything you needed signed by TJD for sale by TJD. They gave him counter space. I'm sure for a fee of $1.00. Not to mention personal websites. I'm sure its over a million.
  14. After 5pm.... appears IU isn't just going to rip the bandaid off all at once.
  15. Maryland G Hakim Hart declared for the NBA but also enters the portal.
  16. He was playing some up to the suspension. After that nothing. Woody never let him out of the doghouse it seemed.
  17. JHS won't be back. Falling into the forgotten Hoosier category for me.
  18. The times I've seen MR he was never with JHS but other teammates.
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