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  1. No, I have 5 autograph's in my life time. Tiger Woods on a 97' Masters flag, Jack Nicklaus on a 2000 US Open flag from Pebble Beach, his last US Open. A painting of Arnold Palmer, Nicklaus and Ben Hogan signed by all 3, which was given to me by Arnold, who my girlfriend at the time was his secretary.
  2. Had the spy cam out today and got shots of the recruits and staff today. will post soon.
  3. I saw this kid today. This kid is put together. off that alone i'm calling it. B10 Frosh of the year.
  4. There is a new 580 bed building going up now on Walnut, where the Motel 6 used to sit, that is going to match Evolve. Plenty of takers with Evolve always having a wait list. 3 more buildings going up around BTown along with this big one. I for one hope they build themselves into lower rent. Only so many bodies to fill all the housing.
  5. We have all seen this movie before. This kid can't play at IU for this reason or that reason and then lights us up somewhere else.
  6. I'm just going to say it. CJ Gunn had better learn to shoot. i looked through the first 18 games, stopped following after that. CJ 9.6 a game 43% from the floor, 22% from 3 and 66% from the line. Great athlete but so what. this is a shooting Guard that cant shoot. I hope he can find a shot over the next year.
  7. Big pick up here when you remember the NCAA waived who can give on court instruction for this season. Going to run out of sits on the bench if they keep making up jobs. lol.
  8. A lot of good schools on this 3 star kid. Maybe under rated.
  9. Tracy Smith is a good coach ASU baseball is like IU basketball. Win or else.
  10. You would have to think older brother will be in the NFL next year.
  11. playing against grown men pro's. We might not want to see it. lol
  12. Most of those if not all of the 10 practices will be in Bloomington before they go. if a storm stops the trip no big deal.
  13. Another great move by this staff and Admin. The 10 team practices are priceless with a whole new system going in on both ends of the court.
  14. I'm just going to say it. He could be all-B10 if healthy.
  15. He had Plantar Fasciitis for a couple seasons. I had it and you can't walk. I couldnt even think of cutting as a running back with it. Its retired a few guys.
  16. I give did i spell his name wrong?
  17. I wasnt thinking 82 games when i wrote that because if i watch the NBA at all its the playoffs when rotations get smaller and all the mins go to 8 or 9 guys. in a 30 game season i can see CMW using a playoff style rotation. I should have been more clear.
  18. Stevie Scott with speed. going to be fun to watch.
  19. I think the days recruiting kids out of the top 50 are over. Why invest in the 100 ranked kid for 2 years and he can transfer on you after not playing much year 1. The High school kids you bring in better be really to play. CMW is an NBA guy who only plays 7 or 8 guys, maybe 9. We will be a big portal team every year. Save that recruiting budget.
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