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  1. Wow, this is one thing I would NEVER change. Literally anything else may be on the table but not the candystripes.
  2. This solidifies IU as a program living in the past.
  3. I'm not holding out hope but I will say the Stevens saga felt odd and after the weird masshole pressor it's been awfully quiet.
  4. IMO, the implications of that statement center around the Celtics trading away players at the deadline thus giving Stevens an out. At least that's my take. I'm not holding my breath though.
  5. Seriously, I doubt anybody has any "sources" no matter how close they think they are to the program. Dolson was pretty clear in the pressor and I have to believe him unless something substantive surfaces.
  6. Doesn't mean they want to play for him. I'll be surprised if any top 5 player in the league signs there as a free agent. So they are left with finding the next Tim Duncan or Steph Curry (if one of those even exists anymore) or catching the right combination of players a la 2004 Pistons.
  7. I think his days there are numbered. If Ainge is going to tie his tenure to Stevens, his days are probably numbered too
  8. It's a players league though. I'm not sure top players are going to want to play for Stevens.
  9. I thought the 3 day outage was to get Stlboiler to switch forums...HoosierFaithful, break the server again!
  10. I wonder if Dolson's comments about "not hearing from me until we have our guy" will bite him in the @ss
  11. This is probably the closest thing to the truth. I doubt he wants to deal with all the college baggage. At the end of the day we may never know if he seriously considered it but there did seem to be some real belief from the IU side.
  12. I'm a little concerned we may end up further down the list
  13. I know you had ties to the organization at one point. Did you ever seriously think Stevens would leave the NBA for IU?
  14. His comments did seem really odd. Maybe living in Boston just does that to a person. 🤷‍♂️
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