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  1. Thought they'd have named her Jiggle James. Go Hoosiers!!!
  2. So to avoid having to pay for both ESPN and BTN at the same time get Sling and try this out... Subscribe to Sling Orange or Blue and add the Sports package. With Orange you get the ESPNs and the SEC networks and Blue gets you FS1 and BTN. Then what you do is edit/change your subscription whenever a game is on the opposite color package. They just credit you for the cancelled plan that you had paid for and apply it to the other plan. They cost the same so there's no charge. It's very easy to make the switch back and forth. The other good thing with Sling is you can cancel or pause your subscription whenever. So if you are just looking for IU basketball you could start in November and end it in March. I'll restart mine for football and end in March after basketball. Go Hoosiers!!!
  3. Wow that is so sad. RIP Caleb. 🙏 Go Hoosiers!!!
  4. Try doing a shot with every turnover or missed free throw. Helps ease the pain. Would have caused ya to pass out a few games last year as well. Haha Go Hoosiers!!!
  5. The extra year with Covid really boosted portal and grad transfers this year and last. The numbers are bound to come down. Especially with basically one free pass without having to sit a year. Will be interesting to see if things do get regulated at all and how. Like is a salary cap even thinkable? Do they take away scholarships or just lower team numbers? I'd be okay with raising academic standards but we all know certain schools don't have real classes as it is. Lol Go Hoosiers!!!
  6. I think they were talking about the Power 5's breaking from the NCAA and doing their own thing. Something that we could be headed to in the next 10 years or so. The NCAA better figure out something soon or this will happen. Like what's the benefit to a P5 school? Is it worth having to share all the money you're bringing in with small schools that make nothing? Go Hoosiers!!!
  7. Not sure anyone thinks it's a good idea but it's an option now more than ever with NIL. Would rather see that than see him cut. Just don't see another option if Dennis is added and TJD comes back. Although maybe it's TJD's scholly that's pulled. 😮😮😮 Go Hoosiers!!!
  8. School could pay but he wouldn't be allowed to play ball as the NCAA wouldnt allow. Can't go from athletic scholarship to academic. So NIL money would be the only way to make that work. Go Hoosiers!!!
  9. I wouldn’t be a suprised at all and it would be legal. Wouldn't be something most kids would go for. A guy like Leal who grew up dreaming of playing for IU though... Go Hoosiers!!!
  10. Master P's son signed a 4 yr/$2 million deal to play at Tennessee State last year. Go Hoosiers!!!
  11. Is it just me or does everyone else get a chuckle out of the John Purdue Club name? I picture a "John" on a tractor(a John Deer) pulling up to a West Lafayette street walker. Go Hoosiers!!!
  12. The NCAA didn't think it through obviously. I'm not sure what the rules are with walk ons as far as how many you can have, if they all can dress for games and travel, etc... but that is what needs addressed. Make it so no walk on can dress unless you have players out with injuries or something. Go Hoosiers!!!
  13. That's HoosierLyss. She used to make youtube videos commenting on IU basketball when she was a student during the Crean days. Huge IU basketball fan. Now the weather geek at CBS in Indy(was in Lexington before). Go Hoosiers!!!
  14. I'd think the person or company willing to pony up money for this kinda deal isn't really looking to get a player spokesperson. They're doing it to benefit the team. They want their team to win. Now if other schools are having better NLI deals for players they would be the same people stepping up. Go Hoosiers!!!
  15. Never underestimate booster $$$. Didn't we just have someone pay a coach's buyout? Paying for a player's tuition, housing costs, etc... is a drop in bucket for some wealthy booster. Plus its a business/advertising expense for their company. Go Hoosiers!!!
  16. John Deere and Tractor Supply needa step it up for PU. Go Hoosiers!!!
  17. Woody has to treat TJD's spot as open and try to fill it. Especially if we can upgrade the backcourt. If TJD decides to come back(which I think is still likely) there won't be an issue. This NLI stuff is a game changer. TJD might not have a scholly if he returns but he'd have the money for tuition and housing in his bank account a day after announcing he's returning. Go Hoosiers!!!
  18. Can't see anybody getting the boot. I think that would have happened already. If we are looking for a guard something is planned. And I don't think it's TJD leaving. Don't underestimate what having the NLI can do. Go Hoosiers!!!
  19. Woody is no dummy. He knew Trayce would test the waters. He even said he was ready. Probably encouraged him to go through the process. So this shouldn't be a suprise. Not worried about replacing him in May. There'll be plenty waiting things out if he does leave. Go Hoosiers!!!
  20. The TV in Poltergeist Go Hoosiers!!!
  21. Depending on the class(and a school's needs) the portal might be the best option. But there are always gonna be hs kids worth recruiting. As for players picking a school... I dunno what's most important. PT, exposure, coach that develops, coach with connections, winning program, location, teammates, facilities, NIL money... Go Hoosiers!!!
  22. Maybe they are just assuming TJD and Race aren't coming back. And without any portal pickups yet we aren't worthy of being ranked. Go Hoosiers!!!
  23. Say your dream was to play at IU. But you only got mid major offers and you settled for Ball State. Then while there you grow 2 inches and develop into a superstar. You staying in Muncie? Big schools are taking hits with the portal as well. Think of all the time and money spent recruiting, developing/training players and then they end up leaving. You've got schools losing 3 or more players that are scrambling to fill rosters. And it's not all bad for small schools. They stand to pick up some talented 4/5 star kids that just need a fresh start. Go Hoosiers!!!
  24. Yep plenty of punishment to be had this off season. And if he doesn't want to pay for his stupidity then he knows where the door is. He already cost himself NLI $$$ with this. Although maybe the local bailbonds place will offer him a deal. Lol Go Hoosiers!!!
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