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  1. We'd be lucky to be as good as Iowa at this point. I think they are going to their 3rd straight tourney. When did we last go to the tourney 3 years in a row? I'm too depressed to look.
  2. Max was a nice role player... but that is basically all you'll ever get from the transfer world. That and guys with serious personality defects. It's not the answer. The answer was using this season to show things were progressing...a tourney bid at the minimum. Get some recruiting momentum. Instead it's been a team with plenty of seasoned players and experience embarrassing themselves again.
  3. Transfers have never been a road to winning in P5 BB. I understand how we are now operating in a different rule era... but beyond filling pehaps a single missing piece here or there... you aren't building a winning program on backs of transfers. We have 3 in our starting lineup.... we really want to keep trying this over and over? Who was the last good transfer that played at IU?
  4. 1) very true.....and has been true for a number of years. 2) not surprising. We are an interior oriented team.... but our bigs aren't physically dominant enough to take over in crunch time. And going back to #1.... every team in conference knows how to defend us.... force the backcourt to make plays. 3 and 4) not relevant to why we still suck.
  5. Ken was a great guy! This was the very first IU forum I was ever on.... back when it was Scout (I think? ) Anyway...Ken and I had great conversations, and he would often reach out over PM. Hearing of his passing was a gut punch. He'd be happy to know this forum is still kicking in his honor.
  6. They had like 6 seniors on that team.... could be a rough rebuild. No players returning with any experience but one. And per above.... he's leaving now too
  7. You have to formally put your name in the draft process. Tons of players will do that. Morgan did it last year....So did Eastern for Purdue. Players can also now hire an agent without it impacting their college eligibility....so no point in trying to read tea leaves with that either. Only date that matters is the date you have to pull your name out of the draft. That's some point in late May. The rest of this is just a big nothing.
  8. Nah....basically anyone that merits a NBA evaluation....which is a pretty wide net.
  9. Not only can kids hire an agent without losing eligibility (both while in high school and college).....they can actually be in the draft....and if they aren't drafted can go back to school: https://www.ncaa.org/about/flexibility-going-pro-and-getting-degree
  10. They did away with that agent rule. You can now hire one and still come back to college.
  11. I'll add that he has another player in Race that I think will be really good once he gets settled in and gets to play a full season. Really tough to sit all year and then be thrown into tough late season games. Even with that....he basically won the Wisc game for us with his D against Happ. I think he'll have a great next 3 years. Not so sure about the other 2 that were part of that 6 man class.... time will tell on them.
  12. Race was recruited as a 4. But yeah, I agree with what you are saying.
  13. I thought this was the Watford thread? IU is now full blown recruiting Trendon...and TJD was giving him the hard sell at the MCDAA game.
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