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  1. https://twitter.com/hoosier_huddle/status/1419463016354091011?s=21
  2. I wonder if he meant that he didn't think he'd end up in the state of Indiana? Not necessarily IU?
  3. I like to think it's a hint....please hoping it's a hint.
  4. looking at Dunnam's profile on 247, he has family ties to the NFL. - EJ Biggers (Cousin): former CB at Western Michigan - 7th round draft pick in 2009 (bounced around the league to several teams) - Louis Delmas (Cousin): former DB at Western Michigan that was a 2nd rd pick in 2009 - named to the all rookie team and played for the Lions and Dolphins. he caught 43 passes for 710 yds and 10 tds in 7 games last year's shortened season and had 3 interceptions.
  5. Illinois insider but in a University of Illinois 6/10 CB on 247sports
  6. Did you see that an OK St insider gave a CB pick for IU 7/10....seems telling that he’s btown bound...we shall see
  7. my guess is Bray Lynch followed by Joe Strickland....no insider info at all, just hopeful
  8. https://twitter.com/Ryan_Mill27/status/1412826795498479621?s=20
  9. maybe this is why i saw the cryptic tweet from the coaches about it being a good week vs a good day ? great stuff!
  10. wonder what this means...assuming Cooper?
  11. CB pick from Allen Trieu to IU 6/10 confidence.
  12. Former Mississippi St commit...4 star DT Jacarius Clayton! IU made his top 5
  13. based on Coach Wrights latest tweets --- looks like a commit might be incoming soon. He just retweeted about Alfonzo Allen Jr saying he had a great visit to IU (AZ St commit, Safety). We shall see!
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