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  1. I didn’t watch a ton of suns games this year until the last two series in the playoffs ….I don’t have a team coming to mind that top of lineup for bottom shares the ball better since the first couple years the curry warriors became a force. They all attack but are all willing to make a second and third pass to get the best shot…there was a series in the fourth where a dribble drive by Payne led to a pass to a cutter who immediately dumped to saric inside which would have resulted into a contested, albeit quality , post shot 99 times of 100 but without missing a beat saric threw across the la
  2. Also with completely different officiating practices and rule standards
  3. First three peat I agree ….aging lakers, a Drexler carried blazers team , and then a Barkley carried suns team ( with Kevin Johnson and 3 point majerle)……….the second three peat Sonics jazz jazz were loaded teams with at least two stars and two or three solid rotational player. They earned the second three and full disclosure I dislike Michael fairly strongly . think you’re right about it being close I liked the first prediction that bulls and rockets would have split 94 and 95 titles
  4. And while we are on that topic …dgambill you named two Pacers teams that made the list …the jazz and Sonics teams from the bulls second three peat stand out to be with those Pacers teams and the magic team with penny Shaw grant Anderson and Shaw ….anyone else got a list of the best assembled teams NOT to win a championship excluding any lakers or Celtics team that was beaten by either the Celtics or lakers ( lots of them would qualify )
  5. I agree and the bulls were also minus horace grant and Sam cassel kenny smith and Robert horrey weren’t outplaying pippen and Jordan but they could have at least kept them busy
  6. Omg…I literally stay up some nights thinking about what you just typed….and don’t forget the teams we had that were very close to the ones you described that had bad series against the knicks or magic ……….without the bulls our hypothetical finals series against the jazz and SuperSonics would have been epic ……I think the rockets would Have bear us in their two years even if we got by New York and Orlando
  7. That’s staggering ….starting to remind me of Michael cárter Williams who came out as a “ do everything “ Guy and won ROY then ended up a role player
  8. I mean I’d prefer he not be putting up ten per game but for a 4 or 5 33% Is respectable enough that he has to pull a defender to the perimeter and space the floor …if he’s wide open great if not don’t shoot and he’s only putting up 2 per game …..you are correct about the defense though I just worry we have had pretty good luck getting value out of trades and we are due to lay an egg
  9. Happy Father’s Day guys ….and may it be filled with golf, fish, and family
  10. Im With you …I also think the five position is ever evolving …right now you have to either be a jokic who can literally do everything or you need to be a Clint capella who runs the floor like a deer , blocks shots, and is happy getting points from our backs and lobs without bitching about touches. I’m not sure the Joel embiids of the world can win a championship in a guard / forward driven league
  11. Yep and not having a single of the aforementioned group in the final four makes it so much more compelling ….when you get a super team or one of the regulars in the conference finals it’s almost like watching a patriots super bowl ……I was sad to see the jazz lose because I think they have mirrored the Pacers or been the western conference version of the Pacers since the early 90’s and If they can be successful it always gives me hope
  12. I agree ….it’s more impressive when you’re averaging north of five assists with your 12 rebounds
  13. Agreed on both ….honestly though …it’s prolly gonna end up bucks suns or bucks clippers and either way that will be kinda refreshing …..take away the Mavericks and Cavs single championships and we’ve had pistons bulls, rockets, Spurs, lakers, Celtics, heat for the last 40 ish years
  14. Budenholzer ALWAYS has that confused look on his face ……I dislike Kevin Durant and that was about as good a playoff game as I’ve seen someone play and lose …he carried them completely
  15. I’ll have to look but I think sabonis was top five or six in rebounds per game ….defense I’ll give you but I thought that’s what Turner was for ……..unless lillard has a soft spot for indiana then I’d trade either or both
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