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  1. Yea, we have an ex-president still claiming he won and that the elections that define our democracy are a fraud, 9 months after the election, but it’s the women’s soccer team dividing us. OK, got it...LOL
  2. Not a surprise that the Bahamas are requesting proof of a negative test. Hospitalizations are rapidly rising in states like Florida and Louisiana and it would border on being careless for the Bahamians to allow people to enter their country without testing. They need to be careful as I doubt (but to be clear, I am not sure) the Bahamas have the infrastructure we have to handle a big uptick in hospitalizations. I agree with dgambill and think they should go. Just get tested and feel good about the fact that your opponents had to also prove that they are negative.
  3. Inside the Hall reported that Cody signed for the veteran minimum of 2.33 million bucks. Hope Portland has a good season as he really wanted to be with a good team. On a side note…..He took a huge pay cut but still not too shabby to be in your 20’s making over 2,000,000!! If he has a good season I’ll bet he will be able to cash in with a 3 year, at 8-10mm annually, type of deal. In any case, best of luck to him.
  4. That was one of the greatest deals/heists of all time. There were 3 ABA teams left out of the NBA. The Virginia Squires abruptly folded at the end of the last ABA season and received nothing, Kentucky Colonels received 3.3 million from the NBA but the Silna brothers, owners of the St Louis Spirits, negotiated the TV rights (which weren’t much back then) in perpetuity deal. Through roughly 2014 they had been paid 300 million per the agreement. In 2014 the NBA negotiated a buyout to end the deal and the brothers were paid an additional 500 million for a total of 800,000,000 ! Scorecard: Virginia - 0 Kensucky - 3,300,000 St Louis - 800,000,000
  5. I agree with the injury part but in regards to Hunter and Archie not speaking at all…..the Archie tenure was really bad and somehow “off”. Countless posts have called Crean a weirdo etc but its hard to deny the many pictures with Crean and ex-players that have graduated/left IU, such as CWat, Yogi, Vic etc,:and those players say great to see coach, happy birthday coach, thanks coach etc, etc. I don’t recall a single player thanking Archie on senior night, visibly communicating with him etc. So glad we moved on.
  6. Yes, back in the day when I saw the 6-pack they were 54 feet high painted old style cans. Just googled it and the new owners now have them painted as LaCrosse Lager
  7. Ha…I saw the worlds largest 6-pack in LaCrosse :)
  8. It is unreal how they stockpile and they don’t think twice about “over-recruiting” . So far in the 2022 class OSU has the 4th, 6th and 17th ranked receivers in the country committed. The 5th, 9th, 16th, 35th CB’s in the country committed, the 2nd and 5th ranked LB’s etc. And they do this every year. Some kids are obviously drawn to being part of that while others might wonder about playing time and where they can make a difference. OSU could be great for Curry or he could be perpetually on the edge of almost getting meaningful playing time. Who knows. He has great choices and it can’t be an easy decision for him.
  9. The Delta variant is rapidly spreading in much of SEC country (in areas with low vaccination rates…..go figure). It will be a massive bummer, although not as important as people’s health, if this ends up impacting attendance levels at college football games. Really looking forward to the excitement of full stadiums but the outlook for that happening is not as positive as it was a few weeks ago.
  10. Aside from being sure their players are eligible how much do most schools truly care about the eduction of their revenue generating athletes? Not to mention some of their “majors”…..LOL.
  11. Sadly I agree. If OK, Texas, UM, OSU, Clemson, FSU, and maybe ND, hop on board with the SEC nearly all of the national “cream of the crop” will be in the SEC. We might end up aligning ourselves with some sort of “B level” football league that is very strong in basketball. I know basketball is not the money train but our best option might be assembling a group of “B” level football schools that happen to have strong basketball (Louisville, UVA, Duke, Syracuse, Kansas, UK (unlikely, they might have zero chance to win in the football super league but probably would not walk away from the cash), Wiscy, MSU, PU, Maryland, Houston, WVA, UCONN, maybe UNC, etc). Kids might grow up thinking of the SEC20-30 as the D1 of college football and the BIG20-30 as the D1 of basketball.
  12. You have a rather “quirky” sense of humor.
  13. Me to my wife: Wow, the US bball team got beat by France Wife: How did that happen Me: In almost the last 4 minutes of the game we went 0-9 from the field Wife: I did not know Archie got a job as an Olympic coach (OUCH!!!)
  14. Very good point. “Mighty” Duke isn’t even a blip on the realignment radar and basketball oriented schools like Kansas, IU and UK could be in the same position.
  15. I’m not holding my breath, in regards to landing him, but OSU has offered 8 (eight!) DL rated higher than Curry and 7 of them are still undecided. As you mention they think they have a good shot at 2 of the 5 stars. Who knows…..Curry might not want to be the 3rd or 4th rated DL in their class (not to mention who they would recruit the following year). If his dream is to win a natty we won’t land him but maybe staying close to home will grow on him (ie Strickland said he was sure he wanted to go out of state but then had a change of heart). Not counting on it but maybe we will draw to an inside straight. Taking the time to visit this weekend shows we have a chance. One of our next steps is upgrading both the DL and OL. Man I would like to see us have a couple of defensive lineman that can consistently apply pressure.
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