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  1. Yep. He has offers from Miami, Florida State and UCF but at this time they are all rated “cool” (not to mention offers from Michigan, Arkansas, LSU, Oregon, Auburn etc....the upward trajectory of who we are competitively targeting is crazy/exciting).
  2. I hope you do post what you hear as I am interested as to what Woodson won’t tolerate.
  3. Not surprised at all, especially after seeing the Fife interview. Fife made it clear they were not done adding players (I.e. someone else was going to leave) and he went on and on about Rob’s potential which led me to believe Rob was staying. We heard how Leal and Galloway were solid with IU, numerous statements from TJD etc, etc but virtually nothing about Hunter or his future with the team.
  4. Prillers only offer was from Incarnate Word and there were a A TON of justifiable complaints. Also a bunch of complaints about the Grant Gelon offer and others.
  5. Good luck to the kid. Maybe he will turn out to be great, and PU struck gold, but we are not exactly the only school to possibly mis-diagnose his talent as his only other offers were Belmont and Appalachian State. Every year some guys fall through the cracks. Maybe he is one of them, we will see.
  6. It is GREAT that we landed him. Top 20 in the nation recruits, in the last 20 or so years ago, in order from the top: Gordon Langford Vonieh Zeller DJWhite Blackmon Yogi Bryant Lander probably would have stayed in top 20 if he did not leave HS early Jeffries was also probably there but he signed a year or two before the cutoff for the 247 rankings I looked at.
  7. No I’m not just looking at the ranking. Making comparisons that he is only 6’ just like Yogi were made and my point is that Yogi was an exceptional, extraordinary 5”11-6’ player. You are in rare air when you are that size and are a burger boy that ends up in the NBA. I stick with, and of course we can agree to disagree, my statement that there are a ton of kids that have gaudy stats across the country. All you need to do is look at first team conference players for dozens of conferences in every state in the country. I agree that Hamilton county sets him apart from many of those confe
  8. His offer list is off the charts. It’s amazing who we are recruiting against, and in some cases winning, vs 8/10/12 years ago. I remember debating/posting when some thought we had enough talent to win but I would point out that our recruiting classes would have been ranked 6th or so in f’n Conference USA back then. We have come a loooooooonnnnnggggg way!!!!!!
  9. OK, against my better judgement I’ll bite. Yogi was a 5 star, 2nd ranked PG in the nation, recruit in high school that now plays in the NBA. If Smith was my kid I would be very proud of his 20 per game but a ton of kids across the country do that every year. I think your Yogi vs Smith comparison is, to say the least, a bit of a stretch.
  10. I’ve read that he wears 53 because his grandmother passed away at 53. EDIT: from Rivals “At Texas, Bates is planning to wear No. 53 to honor his grandmother Felicia Hurst who was only 53 when she passed away”.
  11. Yep. For starters, with the coaching change the atmosphere in the Hall will go from potentially toxic to electric. The booing at the BT tourney was a precursor of next year if Archie had been retained. The “welcome back” applause for Woodson should be off the charts.
  12. I’d be on the season ticket train if I lived anywhere remotely close to driving distance to Bloomington. I really, really, really hope attendance picks up this year and significantly more people stay for the entire game. The Iowa and Cincinnati games will be challenging and set the tone for the whole year. Looking forward to the season.
  13. 110% agree. He was all bark and no bite. It is also telling that I don’t recall (maybe I missed it) any players thanking or mentioning Archie when they graduated, transferred and/or when he was let go.
  14. It was the Duke game. Jay Williams made the 3 and then, thankfully, choked the free throw.
  15. Last year he had 5.7 assists to 3.3 to’s Shot 32% from the three, 50% from the two and 79% from FT. Averaged 14.2 a game in a season in which most games were ACC (few cupcakes). Good to see that he proved himself in the ACC vs hoping a transfer can successfully move up from a poor conference to the BT.
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