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  1. She's officially in the Scottie Pippen category to me.
  2. Yeah. Now this was awesome. https://youtu.be/7VzDDLumYYU
  3. I rarely listen to him but did one day about a month ago. I remember him telling his audience that he was going out to buy a gun due to a crime way in Indy. I thought to myself "Dakich with a gun", that's the scariest thing I've heard in years.
  4. He'll always have doordash to fall back on if his radio career fails.
  5. Dakich is going to turn into a very miserable old man if he's not careful. That should sound familiar.
  6. It's been over a decade but is that Briscoe and McNutt?
  7. But what is the point? Rutgers has absolutely no fan base whatsoever. Yes, I know several people who attended Rutgers.
  8. Did Alford ever see any playing time for that Olympic team?
  9. This popped up on my YouTube feed today and I thought it was pretty cool.
  10. https://indiana.forums.rivals.com/threads/who-is-michael-shipp.211608/#post-3228279
  11. Well don't laugh. If you had said that 20 years ago the whole world would've chuckled but we came within a horrible shooting night of doing it.
  12. MJ maybe too. Those eyes looked pretty yellow in The Last Dance.
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