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  1. You kind of hit the nail on the head. The problem is that every hire has been a meh hire for most of the fan base. I was listening to Jay Williams on ESPN the day after Woody was hired (his wife is an IU grad). He was talking about his in laws and how disappointed they were in the hire. That's always been the problem. The administration never gives the fans what they want and therefore you have half the fan base rooting for losses to pile up in order to speed up the firing process before the hire has even coached his first game. It will continue until the fans get what they want. And I'm not talking Stevens or Donovan although they would obviously be great but won't happen.
  2. Well last season we were literally in every single game if I remember correctly with the exception of UM at home who we later beat and St Mary's. We're getting consistently blown out this season with much more talent.
  3. I've never thought it had to be an IU guy but if all the big fish say no again an Alford/Fife combo would be lightyears ahead of what we have now. At least Steve and Dane know the college game as well as anyone and Steve has the personality to placate our crazy fanbase.
  4. If he does...I know a guy 😍
  5. Probably have to get rid of Buckner first. Dolson is an epic disaster but this clown show is mainly on Buckner.
  6. There's no curse. We have the most incompetent administration in college sports history. They keep making bad hire after bad hire that the fan base will never get behind. The available coaches that the fans would get behind immediately and have a proven track record never get hired. Every...single...time.
  7. You should know by now that I don't know how to add.
  8. I remember when Mike Davis suspended Donald Perry. What I heard from people close to the program was Perry started a fight and nearly killed a guy at a frat party. He was suspended but Davis didn't boot him.
  9. "You can't score if you don't shoot." - George and also Tom Crean https://youtu.be/Do7U7AkA5jA
  10. This one better represents Dan's personality and intelligence.
  11. Nope. We can't shoot a lick thus making us way too easy to defend. Sweet 16 team at best.
  12. Same problems we've had for years now no shooting. Just pack it in and force our guards to chuck from deep which they can't. Easy peesy. We're a middle of the pack B1G team. Then we lose our entire starting 5.
  13. I just have a feeling they're going to have one of those miracle 14-18 nights from 3. Kind of like UK going 35-37 from the stripe in that Sweet 16 game. But yeah if they play like they have thus far this season I see IU winning by double digits.
  14. I think we'll play well but I'm worried about them having their game of the year. Watch their guards.
  15. I'm hungover as all f*** but I'll just say last night was a very good win that will look great in March. Nice to get an early road win and have that monkey off our back. Now back to bed. See you tomorrow!
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