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  1. We ended Archie's fourth season ranked 300th in the country for free throws. Overall shooting was almost as bad. That was what he built. I'm glad Coach Woodson is here.
  2. This thread's "Purdoobie" is now #3 and #4 on Google search. It even mentions @ricoand @Steubenhoosier We're making history here, folks. History, I say.
  3. Per his Twitter a few minutes ago - committed.
  4. Musky at the Lake Wingra dam, 10 minutes from my house here in Madison (Wisconsin). Season opened May 1. This is for @ricoand anyone else who might enjoy it.
  5. Here are the final stats / national ranking, in Archie's fourth year: 2P FG%: 225th 3P FG%: 236th FT%: 300th His only solutions were to practice more defense and lift more weights. He was 100% clueless about shooting. As if that little detail would magically work itself out.
  6. We need to find a kid named Wesson. So the class would be Gunn, Smith & Wesson. They would all be shooters.
  7. From Wisconsin! Ranked between 80 and 100 nationally. From local media: "The 6-foot-3, 185 lb guard has an excellent basketball IQ and uses his quickness and skills in transition to be a great distributor and scorer with the ball in his hand. Still developing as a shooter, he is best at creating off the dribble and getting to the hoop." 21 ppg as a soph. 24 ppg as a junior. Trivia: he is the brother of JP Tokoto, who left the state of Wisconsin to play for North Carolina, and was drafted in the NBA second round in 2015 (now plays overseas).
  8. Mayo Medical Clinic: "Coach Woodson, we need a cure for cancer by Friday. Can you help us?" Coach Woodson: "We're pretty busy here, but sure. I'll get it to you this afternoon." Mayo Medical Clinic: "Thank you! This will save millions of lives! We called Brad Stevens first, but he wasn't interested. In hindsight, we should have called you 10 years ago."
  9. Love this commit! Coach Woodson is showing he knows how to build a roster. And the age of Archie-ball is over. I expect very good-shooting Indiana teams in the future.
  10. Totally me as a kid. All Moms are awesome.
  11. He's that good. 44% from three. 58% from the field overall. 88% free throws. He is thoughtful, articulate, and determined. Really like him. The story below was written today (of course) by our hard-working HSN member @The Daily Hoosier https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-names-to-know-class-of-2021-shooting-guard-tamar-bates/
  12. In the 6 minutes since you posted this, someone registered the name SnapTwit, got venture capital funding, and the new company is now valued at $80 million. The founders have already cashed out.
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