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  1. Sorry if already posted elsewhere: Rick Pitino is telling most St. Johns players to leave because he doesn't want them. Maybe all but one to go. He will recruit the transfer portal hard. Woodson and staff have a 2 year head start on Pitino. Both teams need up to 4 new starters, plus benches. Who will recruit better between now and next season? https://www.foxnews.com/sports/rick-pitino-most-st-johns-players-wont-be-on-team-next-season
  2. Thanks, DC! Appreciated. Regarding the names not on the list: I'd trade all of them for one Connor Essegian. One known talent vs a bunch of maybes. So often, we as fans describe players as glue guys, role players, someone who might make a big jump next year, might contribute by his senior year, or my personal nails-on-blackboard: a kid who "just needs confidence." While there are many examples of players who did develop and even went to the NBA, there are lots who just took a roster spot for 4 years with almost no on-court contributions. I like Cupps and Newton, but there are big questions for both. Wasn't Newton injured for an entire year? He played at the end of this season, but he's an unknown. I'm glad Cupps is coming. Great kid. But is he big enough for the BigTen? We may not get production from either of them. We'll see. (Disclaimer: I thought Steve Alford would be a total bust.) Lots of questions. But right now, we are weak at every position. Really weak. Good news is I expect Woodson has known this for months.
  3. "one on Purdue's roster is coming here." ~ Coach Robby, March 20, 2023
  4. I Googled "poating" and wish I didn't.
  5. Just for fun: Some rumors circulating that Luke Brown might be leaving Stetson. This should be good for 40 pages from that one poster alone.
  6. I hope Trayce has a terrific pro career, then returns to IU in some capacity. He's smart, articulate, and a great ambassador to the school. This is one of my favorite pictures. TJD had just dropped 25 points to help defeat then #1 Purdue on national TV. Fans storm the court. Amid all the noise and cheers and celebration, Trayce immediately seeks out top recruit 6'10" Flory Bidunga and shakes hands. Gabe Cupps standing right next to Flory, as usual, also recruiting. Trayce did not have to do this. But he did. In this moment of victory, he thought of someone other than himself. Just amazing.
  7. As a sophomore, he shot 41% from three, 65% overall. TheDailyHoosier said he plays the 4 and 5 now out of necessity for his high school team, but prefers playing wing in AAU. Averaged 26 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists per game.
  8. Gabe Cupps final game: 22 points, 7 assists, 1 TO. Final year stats: 15.4p; 4.6r; 6.1a; 2.2s; 1.9to 49% FG; 39% on 3s; 91% FT It will be SO nice to have a 90% free throw shooter on the team. Maybe he can teach correct form to others.
  9. "I'm against taking ANY transfers." IUFLA. March 18, 2023 🙂
  10. It's Woodson's job to bring in the best players and field the best team every year. It's each player's job to be good enough to start or play. I sure hope IU doesn't not recruit someone because a current player might be unhappy with competition.
  11. Took me 1 minute to find these on the Purdue board, so yes, we do know: "Too many at Purdue believe We can’t do better than Painter. I say BS. Get out the checkbook and see who’s interested." "We need a new coach. Back up the truck and hire Shaka."
  12. To be fair, people can look directly at the banner and not recognize it. Trivia: it was retroactively awarded in 1943 for the 1932 team.
  13. It was the 1988 Richmond Spiders beating the defending national champion Indiana team for me. That seemed to be when teams stopped fearing us, and Knight lost some of his aura.
  14. 6'9" 230. Shoots 60% from the field, with almost no 3-pointers. YES! Finally, a big who we don't have to argue about being a 3 or a stretch 4. This would save the board about 700 back-and-forth posts.
  15. Boo Pickett had a #1 country album in 1966. The man could play.
  16. "Fallsdog" is the Kent State version of our IUFLA pregame analysis expert. His main post is on the second page, 6th post down. Respectful of Indiana, but they're not conceding anything. https://csnbbs.com/thread-966942-page-2.html
  17. This site gives us a less than 1% chance for Flory. I have a hard time reconciling this with the fact that he is still visiting Indiana, and enjoying his time with players and other recruits. The IU staff thinks this is worth the effort. We'll see. https://www.on3.com/db/flory-bidunga-153411/
  18. He could be terrific. I just think we need to recruit more Luka Doncic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Steph Curry type players. That doesn't seem too much to ask for. Edit: I also don't think it should ever snow in Wisconsin, someone should give me a free Corvette every month, and there should be no mosquitoes anywhere. All totally realistic goals.
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