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  1. I wish we could have seen him pre leg issue. Good luck, JH.
  2. Off season optimism is in full bloom here. I counted up 15-5. Making the adjustment of two games I usually have to do to compensate that would put us at 13-7.
  3. The good news is my tickets came in the mail today. The bad news is I did not get the parking lot I requested. Instead of being outside the track from my seats, I’m clear on the north end of the track. It’s going to be a loooooong walk to and from my seats on race day. I normally take the shuttle bus from the airport but with reduced capacity they are not running it this year.
  4. I about passed out when I read the words, “I see Bates has decommitted,” then revived when I read, “from the Spartans.”
  5. He is one of those guys who feels like he has been there for about seven years.
  6. How ‘bout Woody? He’s off to a great start, isn’t he?
  7. Exactly. Why some still need to pile on after all these years is baffling. Especially when he reached levels of success here in his best years that his successor never came close to achieving.
  8. What will we talk about you ask The schedule - how many cupcakes are too many Lineups - we will all be wrong The annual “who is the X factor thread “ The annual “we are really deep this year thread “ - I might actually buy in to that a bit this year How much we hate Purdue How much we hate UK How overrated team x is and how website/journalist y has us underrated How big a tool Goodman is Dakich Any number of rabbit trails about movies, stray animals, old girl friends, etc We are HSN, we will manage And welcome aboard Koop
  9. Not that it matters, but what kind of offers did Mangas have coming out of HS?
  10. The Mountain West seems like a great fit for him. First New Mexico, now Nevada.
  11. I think Frank Martin would do great there.
  12. TJD X Parker Beyond that, I’m not sure. I have a feeling one of the two isn’t on the roster yet.
  13. I think we just usually see on Twitter that schools x, y, and z have reached to player a who is in the portal. A lot of guys post those tweets involving IU in this thread.
  14. It will be interesting to see what names pop up in the next couple of days that we have reached out to.
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