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  1. No you say that didn’t age well when something goes wrong LOL!
  2. IMO Indiana just doesn’t have a foot print in St. Louis. We won’t get visits until we establish that.
  3. Also we technically don’t have the spots right now so we may end up over signing for 2022 and then players decide not to leave. As the season goes on we will know more of who wants to stay and go but I mean the coaching staff has only been here 5 months and we are questioning why they haven’t started over signing yet. Also it takes time to develop relationships with this kids. Some teams have been building relationships for years so it’s not just gonna be “ Hey, I’m mike Woodson and I’m a Jeanie in a bottle and I can get you to the nba by rubbing the magic basketball” people got their wish to get rid of CAM for once be patient and let the coaching staff focus on having a successful season.
  4. It was with the old staff and not sure on the new staff but it’s pretty impossible to come into St. Louis and get a guy between Illinois Missouri and SLU - Travis Ford is starting to build something there.
  5. I’ve watched him play multiple times. He’s legit.
  6. Totally agree I can also see kids creating a twitch account and making money off of them streaming playing call of duty, madden, etc. also now on the college basketball games they can now have their name on the back. Etc
  7. I mean that’s how cults work don’t ya know??? 😂😂😂 I mean the brotherhood was on full display at his creepy retirement ceremony. I thought I was watching the beginning of a tv church episode or a dance workout dvd. 😂😂😂
  8. You’re very welcome and I mean I think you’re absolutely spot on with what you said because if what were true above happened then we could ask Mark Cuban to tell al of his sponsors to sponsor our basketball team and they could all even be sponsored by the Dallas Mavericks. I will say I do wish Cuban was more involved in the basketball program in the sense of could you imagine Cuban asking Luka Doncic to come hang out with the kids for a long weekend and he gives him some sort of appearance fee. I mean kids eat that type of stuff up and it’s something I wish Indiana used to it’s advantage more. Or even for CMW asking some former players he coached. Now a days you just have to get creative in your recruiting. I mean think about how nba teams recruit free agents they always have the big boys come with them to the meeting. For Durant when he went to GSW even though it was the off-season curry, Thompson, and green all were at the meeting.
  9. You make some very good points and I do agree.
  10. The problem with this is that other schools also utilize this company so they don’t really have an advantage. They need cutting edge ideas on top of working with this firm IMO.
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