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  1. Indiana is gonna recruit him hard. Do you think he has genuine interest in IU?
  2. Pshhhh I’d rather have a bromance with you. I can even get free marriage counseling. 😂😂
  3. Hunter to me I’d actually really good with his back to the basket. To me he can only play the 4 though if he learns to stop fouling
  4. Was your surgery in the boiler room of the hospital??? 😂😂 glad you’re doing good buddy!
  5. I think Goodman and Dack itch get around a campfire singing some campfire songs and talking about their obsession with IU basketball and how much they hate us.
  6. I can see rob playing more of the 2 position. Lander fits CMW offense better than Rob does and with some confidence Rob can be good on entry passes and has a pretty decent shot.
  7. I mean there is if he wants to be a preferred walk on
  8. Also Duncomb too... his arms are freakish
  9. What’s your opinion on him? Is he the stretch 4 we need?
  10. And what’s scary is we are already getting to the point in three weeks that if a kid is worried about playing time and transfers we don’t have to freak out. We have so much more depth and the recruiting no longer scares me. With the staff put together I see lots of recruiting wins. The only thing we have to worry about in the future is if Hunter wants to be a head coach. We haven’t had that in forever as our only worry.
  11. Yes but he doesn’t count towards the scholarships so it’s up to the university to decide if they want to pay for the schooling or not. They can say yes you play your additional year but we aren’t paying for the schooling or room and board. I would assume most schools will pay if they want player back bad enough.
  12. He’s technically not eligible for a scholarship so whatever school gets him would figure out a way to let him come for free.. my guess is academic scholarship if he’s smart enough to be a lawyer.
  13. I didn’t think it was an IU rule I thought it was the law school who has that rule. Also he didn’t count towards the scholarships this year so technically IU had the choice to say we are going to pay for school or we aren’t. Maybe with Covid IU said it wasn’t in the budget to approve him to come another year and he’d have to pay on his own.
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