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  1. I’m from St. Louis and have said in here multiple times he is a “ME” first player and always has been since high school. The way he was towards the refs, other teams, and sometimes even his own teammates was always off putting for me personally so because of that I personally don’t want him on our team. Could he have matured at North Carolina sure but typically if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck you’re typically always a duck.
  2. No I’d rather get different 24 and 25 guys because I think they’ll be better.
  3. Maybe this isn’t a popular opinion but I think he’s a little overrated and I think In classes of 24 and 25 we can get wayyyy better players.
  4. Devo just doesn’t move the needle for me at all. He’s just not impressive to me.
  5. Bidunga isn’t happening unfortunately
  6. Who would you target? Names specifically lol
  7. Thanks for the insight! So I believe it was his last AAU tourney but he went whole weekend without turning ball over
  8. Totally agree. We are getting JHS a first round draft… now we develop MM and Ware and get them lottery/first round AND people keep talking to Carmelo like MM did and not only will Carmelo’s son commit but we will be getting BIG FISH for as long as this coaching staff stays in tact. You and I have both said it multiple times but you have to give coach Ya whatever he wants so he doesn’t go take a lower level D1/mid major coaching job. I think it helps Woody have him a chance when others wouldn’t so that loyalty/belief will also help IMO.
  9. Isn’t Cupps a better defender than JHS though? I thought that JHS defense wasn’t his strength.
  10. I really think you’re underestimating Cupps ability. To me he reminds me ALOT of JHS. Only difference is height. If Cupps had height of JHS he would absolutely be a 5 star player too. You don’t have bronny James ask you to come be his PG for a special tournament if you aren’t the real deal. He’s played with 4-5 stars his whole life and most of time was best player on the court. When’s the last time a high school basketball player played a whole weekend Select basketball tournament and didn’t have a turnover AS A PG that blows my mind. Unless Gunn has progressed Galloway needs help at the 2 especially when he gets in foul trouble. If X gets in group trouble I completely trust Cupps to run the offense. His dad has such of an unbelievable basketball mind that helps Cupps fully grasp things easy and work non stop if he doesn’t understand it right away. I guarantee Cupps teammates will end up saying he’s harder worker on team and always in the gym. I bet coaches will make him leave the gym once he has full access to IU’s amazing facilities within walking distance.
  11. We lose X,Ware, MM, and possibly MR. I don’t think next year will be a problem
  12. Going against MM every day in practice has to help him with that right
  13. IMO only way to fix it is they must lock in a pick by a certain date and they can’t change that pick then the next pick they make can only be made the day before or day of
  14. They do have to replace their best player and they have a new coach who probably needs an assistant so they made a player coach deal that doubles what IU and KU are offering 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂🕺
  15. Absolutely. I love rubbing in IU being better than Illinois all the time
  16. It also could be transactional. UL asked for 72 hours to come up with NIL money that matches IU and KU and once they couldn’t come up with it then visit cancelled.
  17. I have a guy who I’ve used for stuff before… he’s not an insider by any means but knows tons of insiders who are and has been pretty reliable for me in the past.
  18. I’ve heard that Dingle is going to St. John’s. He’s making an announcement soon and hasn’t even visited IU so think he’s unlikely
  19. Here in Scott Air Force base right outside of St. Louis the blue angels are here this weekend. It’s pretty close to in between. They could just do it here LOL
  20. Basically Iowa GW and Charleston he didn’t have calls or an unofficial visit with. I wouldn’t wanna talk to Fran either.
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