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  1. Kicking everyone off and starting over?
  2. His Dad is stupid smart too. REALLY REALLY GREAT basketball mind. I would actually want to bring him on staff next time we have an opening if he’d be willing to be down for recruiting
  3. So Micah is going to Notre Dame it appears. Good for us but also bad for us. Will be harder recruiting Indiana with him coming in but Notre Dame also hindered by admissions. After the sh*tshow with the football player they are going to be very careful moving forward as an athletic department.
  4. Rumor is Micah Shrewsberry deciding between ND and PSU. I have reached out to my ND insider to see if he’s heard anything.
  5. He made a comment after round one. He was mad his son didn’t get out in and he said he was taking notes essentially
  6. I don’t know you well but have you ever coached kids before? Not being a smart butt serious question…. As a coach I always say if I make an impact on just one kid then I’m doing my job right. I can teach a kid 50 things in three years but if HE chooses not to take those lessons and use them to his advantage then HE is depriving himself of years of NBA knowledge that Woodson can offer up. He has digressed this year and we can’t blame it on Race coming back. He was the very first off the bench for Race before he started having mental lapses over and over and over. College basketball is not a participation trophy sport. Listen to your coach, try hard, get better, and if you don’t work hard to do those things then I’ll put someone in who will and that’s exactly what has happened.
  7. I hope Miami’s big man is out not gonna lie LOLOL
  8. On lunardis Twitter he has us as a 4 seed as of two hours ago
  9. Lunardi still has us as a 4 seed in south region and has us ahead of duke
  10. His game actually reminds me ALOT of JHS he just isn’t as tall and not quite as much explosiveness in regards to his passes but sometimes those really explosive passes actually get JHS in trouble. I’m excited for Cupps.
  11. When he only shoot4-5 times a game you’re darn tootin it’s a big emphasis on his game… you and I agree on 99.9% of things but this is the .01% we disagree on lol
  12. I agree but it’s one that happens every game consistently. Luckily it’s something that can be fixed.
  13. First day of off-season I’m asking Hulls to help fix my shot and work on it every day with him.
  14. I think his shot selection has to get better. Taking two to three dribbles and shooting over someone early in the shot clock and missing most of those shots is just not what you want to see as part of his progression.
  15. I’m fine with beating them but wanna do it later like let’s say final 4
  16. I’m fine with a 4 but want to avoid Kansas at all costs
  17. I totally agree and that’s why I said 3-4 players with only one year eligibility remaining.
  18. During the IU/Iowa game Sunday she made a gesture to the crowd and I was like who is she doing that to. It was like a forget you gesture going into a timeout. Does anyone know?
  19. Here are my personal thoughts and I could be wayyyy wrong but I’ll say it anyways: I do think bates,duncomb, and JG will transfer out. We are gonna get a ton of transfers but also need to be smart to leave open spots for 24-25 so gonna have to get lots of one year guys… my prediction for roster next year is: Newton cupps banks gallo leal Gunn reneau I don’t expect any of these guys to be done after next year or transfer out. I think we take 3-4 players with one year left and 1-2 players with multiple years left
  20. You hit the nail on the head in every sungle point you made. If I’m Edey and reds let me get away with it then heck yes I’m doing it to
  21. Yes and his adrenaline and balls carried him just a little too far
  22. Virginia and Miami both lost so I think we pass both of them so should be #1 or #2 4 seed at very worst. We have to win these last two at home though. We can’t play how we played vs Illinois at home and expect to win against those two teams
  23. I think he took one step too deep. I know he was afraid of Edey Blocking him but as high as Trey was on that Edey can’t get that high at all and Edey didn’t want to be a true sports center top 10 highlight
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