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  1. They're both too old for the job given the state of the program. Pitino would be a bad fit for other reasons too.
  2. One other thought: for those that fear that IU will hire a mediocre candidate if Archie gets fired, bringing him back for another losing season could actually help to push the program to make a more inspiring hire next year. There will be a new president, plus a full season of complaints, booing, etc., while unpleasant, could drive the point home to the decision makers that they need to make a big move.
  3. The Stevens family may very well prefer the NBA lifestyle in the abstract, but that doesn't mean that the opportunity to move closer to home and family wouldn't be a factor in their decision. Coming home may not outweigh their preference for the NBA, but it also might. Only they know.
  4. Fair enough, although that would mean he'd get to fall back on his buyout and live off that for a year while figuring out his next move.
  5. This might be stating the obvious, but it seems as if Dolson is facing a rather unusual decision tree for this decision. As I see it, there are four main options: Option 1) Stay committed to Archie (whether for financial reasons or otherwise). Miller comes back for 2021-22. Option 2) Go all in on Brad Stevens. Realistically, this would require being prepared to wait until May or June to hire. This, in turn, would trigger another decision: (a) Fire Archie now, but risk striking out on Stevens, and thus have to hire a third or fourth tier candidate over the summer (or going the fu
  6. The season ended like 36 hours ago. Give it a week or so before assuming he's coming back.
  7. If the choices are a lost year with Archie or hiring the wrong coach now, I'll take the former every time. Yes another down recruiting cycle this year will hurt, and the possibility that he will do just enough to save his job but not satisfy the masses is not ideal, but hiring the wrong guy just for the sake of change will set the whole program back 5+ years. That having been said, if we did kick the tires on Drew, Beard, Stevens, etc., and they all definitively say no, it's not clear to me that the pool will be better next year. In which case you might seriously consider whether Fife cou
  8. So for someone who doesn't want to read through the 10+ pages over the last 18 hours or so, are there any substantive updates?
  9. I don't understand why some are down on Oates. Dude has won big (for the level) everywhere he's been. He's on a tier below Drew and Beard for me due to lack of longevity at the P5 level, but he's right there when th Mack for me, ahead of Musselman, Beilein, and the various IU alums.
  10. One other data point. Noticed that according to 247, Mack has signed the nation's fifth best recruiting class at Louisville (4 4-stars and a 3-star), while Drew has signed the nation's 8th best class. Texas Tech wasn't in the top 25.
  11. Musselman is alleged to have some skeletons in the closet, so that plus the lack of sustained success at the P5 level moves him down a couple notches in my book.
  12. Chris Beard has obviously won everywhere he's been. But the last two years have only been so-so. Is there a reason to think this is just a blip, or is he trending in the wrong direction. Scott Drew, on the other hand, is kind of the opposite. Hadn't won as big as Beard until the last couple years, but is currently reaching new heights. Edit: And then there's Drew's roots in the state vs Beard's connection to Knight. Edit again: You also have to consider who is better positioned to succeed in light of what I would imagine are IU's heightened academic standards compared to Baylor
  13. A little late to the party on this one, but the alleged quote from Dolson about him and Archie being on the same page doesn't strike me as being a sign that Archie is coming back. For instance, he could have meant that he and Archie are on the same page that IU should be in the dance every year. Or that they're on the same page that a sub-.500 record won't get it done. That could mean any number of things other than a sign of support.
  14. The immediate transfer rule hasn't been approved. That may or may not happen.
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