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  1. Rabjohns posted 8 minutes ago saying he did receive an offer according to Trey’s father.
  2. Very much agree with the civility of the forum. As said above, I am very aware IU is not the only school who does this, but this does not mean we can tolerate It. It also has nothing to do with a disagreement in opinion. There is a difference between constructive criticism, which is not inherently negative, and saying things like player x does not try, player x has a shady commitment, player x does not deserve to wear Indiana across his chest, or we are above offering player x. All statements I’ve seen on this forum in some degree. I agree with a lot of the constructive criticism o
  3. ^^^^^^ This needed to be said. Any and all negativity directed towards current and former recruits and players do not provide any value when shared. While this happens quite often on social media, it finds itself on this forum at times, even when some of us may not realize it. While players may (some do) read these forums, their friends on campus do and stuff spreads. Many students value these forums, but often find remarks made to be offputting. To bash current players, imply recruits are choosing schools as a result of financial benefits, or flat out saying "yeah recruit ____ chose anot
  4. For what it's worth, he pinned the IU photo of him up until the UNC visit. May just be him pinning the most recent pic to receive likes and retweets.
  5. If Precious chooses Memphis that has to change things, no?
  6. I am not sure how long usual visits last. But if he gets a chance to see campus Sunday it will have a great lasting memory. The campus is in full bloom right now, beautiful when it isn't 45 and rainy.
  7. Weather is not ideal here today, I am trying my best to not leave my apartment. I heard he was eating with the coaching staff at Nick's. I wish it was sunny and 65, but the Indiana weather kneels for no one.
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