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  1. This is where you and I differ. The Delphi case aside, I see no reason to keep this piece of garbage alive. He is evil, and evil needs to be extinguished.
  2. I thought about that, but I really do not think its fair to judge people in the past on today's standards. Fortunately we have evolved. I think it's also important to note that McCracken was the first, and for some time, the only coach in the Big 10 to have an African American player. even if it was just 1.
  3. Fast forward to the 11:55 mark if you are only interested in the IU stuff. I met Bob once in Peoria Illinois. He was an amazing man, and actually quite kind. SportsCentury: Bob Gibson - YouTube
  4. Well, a good team that had any heart at all would never have gotten down by 25...at least that's what I've heard...
  5. I just heard Dampier tell this story the other day on the radio, and that's what got me thinking about this thread. Dampier went to Southport HS in Indy. His family were all big IU fans. His uncle had some connections to Branch McCracken and took Louie on a visit. There was some discussion in the office and Louie was asked to step outside. When the adults came out of the office, his uncle was beaming and McCracken looked defeated. Branch told Louie that if he really wanted to go to IU there would be a scholarship for him. Louie said he left feeling that the offer was his uncle's doing,
  6. Gibson wanted to play basketball for IU (He did play for the Globetrotters), at some point Branch McCracken told Gibson he already had one African American (not in those words) and wasn't looking for another one.
  7. Kinda quiet around here, so I thought I'd try to stir up some discussions. How about a list of players who wanted to come and play at IU but didn't for whatever reason. I'll start with : Oscar Robertson Bob Gibson Louie Dampier Who else?
  8. If by "tuna fish" you meant the crap in a can, I concur. If however you are including a good yellow fin tuna steak on the grill with a little blackened seasoning, then, we might fight.
  9. So tragic. The article I read said Boston was in a car behind him, and that Clarke was speeding and ran a red light. Sounds like two kids racing to me. I did some street racing when I was a kid, but I can't imaging trying it in LA. He should've been in Lexington finishing up 2nd semester classes.
  10. That dude looks like he came right out of Central Casting for "Hoosiers"' Mr. Kopp, "Welcome to Indiana Basketball!"
  11. With this Corona thing, we probably shouldn't do a lot of door licking, but other than that I agree...
  12. This was done in the 80's, it was the Big 4 Classic at the Hoosier Dome and included, IU, UK, UofL and ND.
  13. Dude, everybody know it was a "Snickers" and Nutter Butters. Geeze, it's like playing the telephone game around here!!
  14. He did. One of your ex wives answered, thought it was your divorce lawyer and hung up.
  15. Out of curiosity, why does academic integrity matter to you?
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