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  1. I am not saying feedback needs to be exclusively positive. Just that there is a way to present feedback without it being exclusively negative. Providing criticism and feedback requires balance. For instance, saying Justin Smith only gives 50% effort is probably not the best way to present feedback. It is exclusively negative, and objectively I also do not think it is true. Rather, it should be noted that Justin Smith is one of the better defenders on our team. While at times, he does have mental lapses, he was a key component that allowed our team to succeed defensively. As a forward
  2. I appreciate the recommendation! From my perspective, players receive abundant support on campus from the student body. Even if the student section isn't full, I believe the players understand that we support them (A great reason Anthony Leal will love being a Hoosier!). I think the bigger issue is the disconnect between the sacrifices our student athletes make in contrast with the sometimes unfair expectations we as fans place upon them. Regardless if you think players should read what is said about them online, it happens. All I am saying is we need to appreciate our athletes rathe
  3. I personally, and the kids I choose to hang around try to every game that we can. I think in certain situations, especially weekday games, exams and work load does conflict with attending games. As a student body, we need to do a better job understanding when those times are and making an effort to get our tickets to someone else who wants to attend games. I find most students to be optimistic about the program, but of course when losses occur or the team does not perform to its highest potential some of this enthusiasm tends to fade. The program has changed over the past years. I persona
  4. 1. I agree my comments should have been made within their own thread. I initially was responding to a comment in this thread, but then opted not to reference a specific post. For derailing the thread, I apologize. 2. You can agree or disagree with my content, but my position as a student and my word choice should not be used as criteria to devalue my opinions as a fan. I will be happy to share information that comes my way on this board in the future, especially because I am pleased with how this discussion has went. When that time comes, I hope the discussion can be less distasteful.
  5. While trolls exist, we can still try to be more positive ourselves.
  6. My goal was to provide insight into the environment on campus and to provide context on how ongoing dialogues effect that. I am attesting from personal experience that what is said on this board impacts players, recruits, and their families. Whether or not you want to value that as true is up to you. I do agree that the majority of commentary is positive and productive. My commentary is regarding the comments that are not. I don't think you need to look far, even in this particular thread, to find examples of what I am talking about, but I will refrain my calling out posts by individual users.
  7. I am a current Senior at IU and will be happily returning to campus next year to complete my Master's. As students, we have tons of information available to share, myself included. However, many of us refrain from making a lot of this information public. Frequently, information about our student athletes that is made available to the public is twisted and used to disparage the accomplishments of the student athletes whom many of us are friends and colleagues with. As a student body, we cherish our student athletes. We read these message boards and we get frustrated by the negativity
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