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  1. I’m not making a point on one tweet, It’s on 3 years of watching this guy. Yes it is my opinion. If it’s different than some it’s like a gang on here. Unicorns and lollipops or your put up on a cross and burned. I will bow out. God forbid people go against the grain. Go Hoosiers!
  2. You want to start a contest. One video, I could post 50. But hey one video makes your case 🤔. We have 3 years of game film we could go through. C’mon man!
  3. That’s your opinion. I have mine. Seen many a team with kids that were bad for the team start all 4 years and even lead the team in points, still were bad for the team chemistry. It happens all the time. No need to reply to me. We differ in opinions that is all.
  4. I know, some of these guys after a win have short memories. You can’t change my mind on someone that quick. It’s a long trend. There has been a cancer on this team. I hope he does change. Race and Trayce though, leaders! Love those kids.
  5. Just watched the video on twitter of Smith telling TJD to shut the F.. up. Beginning of the game when Trayce was telling Smith to Dunk it. Can’t wait for that guy to be gone.
  6. I think it was me because I didn’t watch at all. So did the game plan change to get TJD the ball or did they just come to play? Will watch it later. Also I see you guys talking about Race. How did they play them, Race at 4 or 5?
  7. I wake up very early for work. That being said I won’t be going to work feeling like crap again this year. Going to get some rest and check the score in the morning. Fool me once...
  8. This is me. IU isn’t even competitive on the road. I remember when IU use to play Northwestern and I hated it because they were so bad when they came to Assembly Hall. I wonder if fans on the opposing teams are thinking that about us. The ticket sales probably are low for our road games. It’s not even close. Crazy thing is, we have to play out of our minds and have 30 from Green to win at home. It’s bad, really bad.
  9. My wife said, it’s beautiful outside they are just going to lose. I’m so dumb. I’m out have a good one peeps.
  10. I agree, go small and run, what do we have to lose. Archie just doesn’t seem willing to change though.
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