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  1. I thought we beat Australia in the semi and play France?
  2. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/05/moderna-covid-vaccine-booster-produces-robust-response-against-delta.html
  3. The point is the pacers weren't considered, again, for a guy rated around 75th? in the league. What i read is he will likely take up the Knicks remaining 11 mil in space. That's dirt cheap for him.
  4. Shifting. Kemba to the Knicks. Think he was interested in coming to Indy?
  5. This is probably the number 1 issue the franchise has against it. When was the last time a top 30 free agent even considered Indiana? Gordon Hayward? And that was for being hometown and may have been a smoke screen. The 2nd biggest issue is that the front office and ownership are nice guys and loyal. What I mean about that is take 3 years ago. Oladipo gets hurt and instead of trading the expiring contracts of some decent pieces that would be contributors on playoff teams, such as Thad, they hold him and let him walk to an in conference team. They could have easily gotten a 2nd rounder out of that. And remember they got Brogden for 2 seconds because the Bucks couldn't afford him. So accumulating picks has for some reason never been in the pacers arsenal. Same thing this year with McBuckets. He was worth a 2nd to a playoff team looking for one more shooter. So imo, the front office wants to be friends and nice guys with the players and not get into trading for assets. They place the relationship over the business. Good guys usually finish last.
  6. They quoted all that stuff and the insider said it's way more likely Rivers would be willing to jump in last second on a playoff team in need, not at the beginning of season.
  7. Listening to the guys on 1070 and some "insider" they had on, sounds like Rivers is more willing to come on towards the end of the season not beginning. It does make sense right now though with the Colts in so many ways. He said he's not in shape but I call bull. These guys are elite, he could be game ready in 2-3 weeks.
  8. That would be really disappointing. Its none of my business but i would be curious the % of the team and staff that has either been vaccinated or had covid already. If its 100% combined then this would be nothing but virtue signaling by the university.
  9. I only got 3 biscuits in my feeds four family pack at KFC last night. That was a bummer.
  10. Hmm. I read it and understand most of it. I love what you bring with your research and articulation. One thing I learned from the reddit revolution is this TLDR= Too Long Didn't Read. For those in the crowd that didn't read or lost the point, what's your conclusion?
  11. Man just now getting caught up on everything that's awesome news. Great to hear it sounds like he's pulling through.
  12. I hope Morey never wins a championship. He thinks he's God's gift to GMing. I do respect him for calling out China however.
  13. Like I said yesterday, her head finally popped. She is unarguably the best gymnast ever but you wait until your career is over. The rhinestone goat was a curse.
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