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  1. I sat with a very interesting couple tonight at my cousin's rehearsal dinner. They are both young and healthy nurses in the hospital down here in Texas. What they told me was wild. Heart breaking. Day to day changes. Patients going from perfectly stable to nearly coding or going into respiratory failure in 20 mins time. That went on for 2-3 hard months. Treatments that were working last week quit working the next week. Everything about the virus and how different people were reacting was totally different. They said the media is total BS to reality on a covid floor. They were an open
  2. Interesting. Manley went to pickerington central and Hunter went to north.
  3. I'm in the great state of Texas for my cousin's wedding. You guys just got me so hyped reading this that I rattled off to my brother and dad all the recruiting success IU is having. I've said for 20 years if the football team could get it's act together the fans would come. I remember way back when Steve Spurrier was available, I was pissed IU wouldn't spend the money to try and get him and build a program. Thankfully we have a home grown builder. Solid foundation that just keeps building.
  4. Effort and attitude can help. I wouldn't overate his athleticism though. He is no Troy Williams. I also wouldn't want him guarding most points or bigs.
  5. Hard pass. Ask Jerome to fully recommit mentally and physically.
  6. "I think they got to play harder" Love it. If everything thing coach is saying, materializes, we as fans are going to love this journey.
  7. Dumb reporter, "Hey Coach, how long does it take to build a culture?" Coach Woodson, "I am the culture."
  8. It's interesting that Turgeon of all people is getting benefit of the doubt. I must not be paying close enough attention. Is Maryland supposed to be that good?
  9. Does anyone think coaches and administrators across the league are too proud to admit that the 20 game schedule is stupid? They may admit it but not on record or publicly.
  10. If I remember correctly AD never took a shot outside 3 feet, at least the 2 times IU played him. He was an amazing college player that just had an incredible knack for the ball.
  11. Best wishes Jerome. Hope you stay healthy and can make a little money playing a sport. Get that degree young man.
  12. Gotta love this. Stud 5 star staying home to play for dad, spurns duke and Virginia in the process. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/31432017/five-star-recruit-patrick-baldwin-play-father-milwaukee
  13. Well maybe Romeo will get a little more opportunity. See what he makes of it.
  14. Maybe put it out on facebook marketplace or nextdoor app that you are looking to trade.
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