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  1. Doesn't seem to be that good of a player. Bad numbers on a bad team.
  2. That's all good, he will have to get stronger and defend too, but X and Galloway will guard most teams 1st and 2nd options. Match ups and foul situations could dictate playing time. And if we get Timberlake, he looks strong, so he could likely play alongside him too, assuming Timberlake can defend well.
  3. Something with his student visa being from the Congo and the international program that he is in at kokomo. It has been my understanding, through my kokomo peeps, that he is going to IMG.
  4. They have been saying over and obver that Flory is coming back, even said it to the head coach and he didn't correct them. Maybe something changed. I heard they were seeking a waiver to allow him to stay in kokomo. Anyone know anything.
  5. I don't have a terrible problem with it. Mastery is the goal. At least grasping the concepts. I would allow kids to restudy, and retake the parts they missed for half points. But only one chance. In the real world, if you screw something up or don't know, go figure it out, don't quit, was my ideology. 3 times seems excessive and I'm sure they brag about their high scores.
  6. I see no reason why not to try and pry A&M out. And grab a Florida team.
  7. @DC2345 , if I'm reading the leaves properly gave Tamar a 70/30 70 going, 30 staying and said some factors could change. Would he accept an 8th man role if he were recruited over? DC, can you share what those changing variables could be?
  8. He must not understand, for the B1G, every expansion has been about getting a market they don't currently have. UCLA USC, they don't need Cal and Stanford. He may hear some stuff or connect some dots but it's about geographical TV region grabs as much as anything else.
  9. Im not surprised about White. Remember him doing dang near everything. Actually really surprised that Cody, especially that year, along side the help he had, wow. Interesting.
  10. The government will definitely fix it. The haves and have nots has always been a thing. Funny coming from possibly the richest fan base in the country. There is a lot to unpack in there. Things are certainly going to change.
  11. Winning and a quality culture are not a necessity. Sure that's what we would prefer and certainly want at IU and we have the leadership to pull it off. Dolla Bill and even cry baby Izzo have been a trash culture with going on 2 decades of winning without consequences. I'm not being confrontational and I probably worded it poorly, but sadly high standards of quality culture aren't the only recipe to winning. Coach K would boast of his brotherhood, which was also code word for cover, conceal, and put momma in a half million dollar house and hook your dad up with a job he isn't remotely qualified for and pay him 5 times more than he should. Paypal Cal the same with shoebox of cash etc etc.
  12. Absolutely not. It's just a sad fact. Them and Houston. And what, over the last 35 years, cheating g was the way. Self last year rewarded for his behavior. Odds on favorite this year will be rewarded. It's sick actually. Just pointing on the contradiction.
  13. You sort of highlighted your own contradiction. The team most likely to win has potentially the worst culture in the country.
  14. Yeah. I'd love to know the inner workings of his injuries and lack of availability. Obviously sinus surgery. But the other 1.5 years seems a mystery. Sure he's stuck behind an all American but playing behind Geronimo for back up minutes at the 5 means you aren't that great. So this February timeline. When was grandma taking to twitter? Early/mid January?
  15. Eh, depends on context. "More than 1,700 men's college basketball players put their names in the portal this past offseason with roughly one out of 12 transferring “up” a level, according to EvanMiya.com. Of those that entered the transfer portal, 43 percent did not find a new home" No clue why it copied and pasted like this.
  16. I had to Google him because I couldn't go to bed not knowing what an Adefolalrin looks like. Not as tall as I thought.
  17. Hey, my source, lol if you remember my job and my buddy in kokomo the same. It's just talk. IMO
  18. Rumor on the street is PayPal Cal said he could get 2 mil in NIL at UK.
  19. My understanding is we want both. Timberlake is a legit shooting guard. Ludlum can likely play the 3 or 4. Probably more a 4ish in my opinion.
  20. It just dawned on me that's a heck of a rebounding number for a 6-4 guard. This dude plays with tenacity. Watch his highlights
  21. I doubt real seriously the colts go with Lamar. The evidence is that no other teams have pursued this route either. 2 first round picks doesn't sound like that much when a 36 year old Stafford hauled a 1st, 2nd, and 4th. It's the contract for an often injured guy that doesn't perform in the playoffs that is the hang up. There would be no affording to bulk up the rest of the roster..
  22. Only if he's on the field. And hasn't he been not good in the playoffs?
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