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  1. Wow - I do not see any scenario where we are not a serious player in college basketball in the near future. Just wow!
  2. +1 I think that my complete lack of prior knowledge of Coach's NBA experience was why I was an early supporter of him being hired (after the Dunkin Donut eating guy fell through - what was his name again?). I saw his record with fresh eyes and realized it was really good (considering the teams he coached - excellent).
  3. Given the way they cut the video's, I could have a highlight reel of splashing 3's; I could not have a highlight reel of doing what he did there...
  4. That is nice! Just so I have all the names, who is the guy behind Leal and the two between XJ and Stewart?
  5. If he does not like IU, then his strategy is bad. I think the publicity is good for us. Edit: Dakich definitely wants IU to be good... he just also want Alford as the head coach.
  6. Big question now: Can we actually beat NW twice (and no overtimes)?
  7. I think it would have to be extremely dislocated to lift it over their head!
  8. To be honest, I think both of them like IU and want Indiana to be good.
  9. + 1 I never understood that strategy either. You cannot go from tournament team to bottom of the conference just because one player sprains his ankle.
  10. He will probably be asked to play a less important role here - might free things up. I do not think we take this commitment if Woodson was not nearly 100% sure he filled a clear need. It is not like we are trying to fill 5 spots right now. If anything, we start to be in a numbers crunch.
  11. For us, yes. For the team, they need to learn a new offense and defense, get to know the new coaching staff, recover from the PTSD associated with the last couple of seasons, and learn how to win. They need time...
  12. I don't see it. I think everyone will have an opportunity to play next year (I think with a faster pace, the minutes will be better distributed). Chance to develop and win. Why would anybody leave?
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