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  1. I think we are waiting for the draft withdrawal list to see if there is a game changer interested in IU
  2. I only remember you venting! I even was accused of being you one time...
  3. I just heard this on the news and I thought of us on this board. "...Most of us are not information literate. But, we are here in the information economy and spread information all the time as a result - inaccurate, partly accurate, or mostly inaccurate information continues to spread..."
  4. We can overreact sometimes, but it is an interesting site. I think the craziest overreaction is when we thought Brad Stevens was coming... that was one heck of a week.
  5. Trying to change us with his first post!
  6. No offense to Henderson, who was outstanding, but TJD was a complete freak this year. Not sure why that is even a conversation. You will be missed TJD!
  7. I voted for Kopp - mostly because this is pretty much a run-of-the-mill game for TJD now (I really hope we send him out with a long run in the tournament)
  8. The Big Ten is definitely appears stronger so far than advertised in the off season, but I still think Maryland is upper half. Without a lot of thought I have them #5 (I have us #1 as homer, as we clearly do not have the same resume as many of the others, yet): Us, UI, MSU, Mich, UMCP
  9. How is Creighton ahead of us? What is that based on?
  10. I am nervous to say it out loud, but I kind of think we are going to blow their doors off.
  11. Agreed, I would not bet on any team right now. I thought it would be a down year for big ten basketball, but performance of the teams suggests that there will not be a lot of easy games.
  12. Honestly, it is hard to interpret meaning from the Gonzaga-MSU game for two reasons: It was on an aircraft carrier, which impacted distance shooting from what I saw. MSU turned around and beat Kentucky - suggesting they may be better than preseason rankings.
  13. I feel like Iowa must have already done this... 7 points without a touchdown is most Iowa football thing ever.
  14. An economist should probably weigh in, but my thought is that if there is a large enough critical mass of famous schools, the conference containing them might have a disproportionate power when negotiating - almost like a monopoly.
  15. Coach Williams was not lying about the "other than Duke" crowds in the Dean Dome. I have been to games Assembly Hall against low Division I teams that were louder than any non-Duke crowds I have heard at the Dean Dome. Assembly Hall Rocks.
  16. +1 I agree with this I go to other teams boards all the time and even post occasionally. Some of the boards have interesting discussions and are friendly to outsiders. I do not generally go to the PU sites though. Every time I have, I find it at the limit of readable. This reminds me: Thanks mods for keep this board (mostly) readable.
  17. +1 We should not hope that anyone on this team leaves.
  18. +1 Slightly better play and/or better depth and we could easily have won 6-10 more games: 'Cuse - embarrassing we lost with last year's team @ Wisc - blew the game down the stretch @ PSU - slightly better play @ Iowa - better depth @ NW - better depth and we overcome the loss of those missing Wisc - better play and better depth @ OSU - slightly better play RU - slightly better play @ PU - slightly better depth to close it out Iowa in BTT - slightly better play and depth... Even 6 more wins and things look very differently.
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