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  1. Anything more than 6 wins and I am happy lol
  2. As long as he doesn’t fumble the snap at the end of a game like that Michigan punter did against MSU, I’m sure he will be fine.
  3. I felt that Kofi might test the NBA waters. Either way they peaked in my opinion.
  4. Guys relax, even if Gonzaga go undefeated, there will always be an asterisk next to this season for Covid. They will never be as legit as our Hoosiers.
  5. I feel like Illinois will not be a good team next year with Ayo and Kofi leaving. I feel like Underwood is extremely overrated. They will probably fire him in a couple years like we did with Crean after he lost to Syracuse when we were a 1 seed. I do not see this as a good place to transfer to. Not sure why Franklin would leave for them.
  6. I would love to get a bowl win soon. It’s been so long. The talent upgrade we have has been drastic and much needed. And I think winning those big games last year will be huge for the program going forward. Looking forward to our games this upcoming year. It’s a tough schedule with Cincy as a non conference game. I would not be mad if we regressed a bit this year to 7-5 or even 6-6. 8 wins or more this year would be a really good year.
  7. I’ve seen a lot of talk on here that kids these days won’t know who Mike Woodson is and how that will hurt recruiting. I laugh at this because who was Archie Miller? I had to google him after we hired him because I had no clue who it was. I couldn’t tell you what team he coached or where he played ball. For reference I’m in my early 20s. I remember mike Woodson as an NBA coach but not as a player for IU. The point I’m trying to make is who cares if they remember the coach or not. Kids can be recruiting to IU regardless of if they remember the head coach as a player. Archie brought in multiple
  8. I would love to grab some 4 star kids from Florida. Need to hit the state hard this year.
  9. I really liked the Tom Allen hire when Kevin Wilson was let go because of the drastic changes to our defense in his first year. However, let’s not forget his first two seasons he went 5-7 after Wilson had us in consecutive bowl games. People were about ready to move on until the break out year with deboer coming in as offensive coordinator. Allen is a great defensive coach but we need to make sure he continues to complement himself with a great offensive mind. The first two years with Debord were horrible to watch. I love CTA and I think he will be here for a long time. He just needs to contin
  10. I'm assuming more stuff will come out after March Madness is over and we get a new basketball coach. Right now basketball is kind of dominating the headlines 😒
  11. Dexter Williams tore his ACL. He was the 3rd string QB last season.
  12. I like the Arkansas coach. Dude can recruit transfers really well. Turned Nevada around and took Arkansas to the 2nd round so far. Only problem is I don’t think he would leave. Arkansas has a pretty big basketball following based on their attendance records
  13. I think they will make one more run at him but I have no insider information. Just too much smoke to be over like that. Saban said he wasn't going to Bama how many times?
  14. For this upcoming season I’m really intrigued by our running back room. I am excited to see what james and Baldwin can do with more carries and our new rb coach. I’m also not as optimistic about this upcoming season as many others are. We should be a bowl team but I think there will be regression on the defensive side of the football and our schedule is very difficult. I also think the jury is still out on Sheridan calling plays. I was not very impressed last year. I think we had a couple really talented guys that made the offense look decent but the defense kept us in most of our games. The n
  15. If it was OSU they would have changed the rules.
  16. I hope he continues to build this program for a long time.
  17. I will believe we can win if themetrics gives it out as a pick.
  18. Hey guys! I graduated with a Biology degree and do not have any background in finance; however, I have become slightly addicted with stocks since the gme/amc ordeal. Sold my AMC shares for small profit (screw robinhood), and I am looking for some new stock ideas. Right now I have been looking into Zomedica ($ZOM). Think it might grow substantially later in March. So, HSN, I have a couple of questions for you guys. First, are any of you invested in this stock in particular, and does anyone here have an opinion on the stock. Second, is the stock market covered significantly in business school?
  19. True. I like the confidence but he is good enough to get better looks. He ran the pick and roll at the top of the key really well, which led to a lot of easy points. Not trying to attack the player because I think he played well, but I disliked some of his shot selection.
  20. Freshman looked good, except lander got a little trigger happy. Some of those step back threes were really bad. I liked the play from our big guys too. Really hope we can string a couple wins together and get into tourney. Once we get in anything is possible
  21. Hedge fund options end Friday. 69% of funds are shorts. Could go up to $200 imo. I am not a financial advisor and I am not giving any financial advice. This is just my opinion.
  22. Just bought 55 shares of AMC on Tuesday. WOW. Buying a lot more today. Selling Friday. Partying this weekend.
  23. Brohm doesn’t have a choice. He really needs this defense to improve or I think his seat could get warm, due to the amount of money the school dished out to get him to stick around.
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