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  1. So painful to watch. At this point, if I even muster the courage to start the game, I have to turn it off. It's so damn ugly between our continual anemic shooting/offense and the horrific B1G officiating. It hurts, but we've become an afterthought of college basketball. Maybe even bordering on a laughing stock.
  2. And, perhaps not coincidentally, in the second Raps game (the W), Bjorkgren employed the bench much more - not just due to Sabonis's absence either. Although I agree with posters in this thread that Goga has to get consistent developmental minutes. But there are also guys like Sumner and Sampson who can be very effective as energy guys even in short spurts while buying the starters rest. Even with several front-line players out, I fear the long term consequences of not cutting minutes on these two players in particular.
  3. So Sabonis MRI results showed no damage - listed as day to day. I see where you're coming from with this post. In the first Toronto game, prior to the injury, Raps clogged the lane when Domas got it in the post with double and even triple teams collapsing. I didn't think Pacers/Domas responded in kind to move ball to open players and beat those rotations. I also thought Brogdon - after the 1st qtr - was also monopolizing possession with too much iso/p-n-r for eventual contested drives to the basket. I understand those two players have been our go-to guys thus far. They were both cold in
  4. If I were Colts I'd definitely proceed w/caution on TY. Don't think the production is there any more for the money he will be looking for. It will be sad if he goes after all he's done for the franchise, but no chance whatsoever if he won't take a pay cut/reasonable deal. And Colts may be confident there's not enough left in the tank to re-sign at all.
  5. Does the fact that the Dipo/LeVert part of the Harden mega deal has been all over the media/internet but not yet announced by either of the teams seem fishy to anybody?
  6. Let's aim to surpass that average rush yards per game stat!
  7. I would love to see Hendershot come back strong. Along with that all our TEs generally making a bigger impact in the passing game. Personally, while I will take as good as a bowl game as we can earn, I'd take a bowl win of about any level. We just need to get that monkey off our back. Also, more consistent pass rush from front 4. Don't know how realistic that is given talent level, especially DEs. Is there still room for development? Is there an up and comer amongst the underclassmen?
  8. Hope for another great game from Taylor on the ground and Hines in change of pace/short passing. If we can't establish run, it will get ugly.
  9. Like the latter portion. No basis for judgment on the hoops posters. Don't spend much time on that board.
  10. Seemed like an all around team loss. Only area we had a clear advantage was FG kicking. And that almost bit them in the arse.
  11. No disagreeing with the second part.
  12. Defense did everything they needed to? Did you see their final scoring drive?
  13. Okay. Then let's hope he at least develops into end-of-career Ramsey. From what I've seen of him (limited) he's going to have to develop more Zip on his deeper throws, not unlike Ramsey. But Ramsey was able to do that to a reasonable extent.
  14. I was absolutely floored by how little resistance we put up there. Truly felt like watching pre-Allen IU defense.
  15. As much as I'm full-on Allen bandwagon (how could you not be?), we go outcoached today.
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