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  1. Basically pro sports now.All about money and making most you can.
  2. Dexter Dennis unbelievable block against Penn State!
  3. Maybe he will go to another school.Already have one unplayable player.
  4. Well Coach SS put a end to that!Time to move on to recruits we can get.
  5. Blow the biggest lead in Big Ten tournament history what would you expect.Total collaspe!
  6. That was the most horrible display of breaking a press it ever saw!!Horrendous!!
  7. Did he win in college national title?Maybe he will in NBA but not college.
  8. He is a great shooter not Cupps lite.
  9. Have China spy balloons over our nuclear facilities and we focused on beating Purdue!Got to love Indiana basketball!Hope we are still here tomorrow!!If not was nice chatting with you guys the last year!!
  10. He will not come to Indiana.
  11. Don't see us better than 9 -11 in Big Ten.Does that get us in tournament with a win or two in Big Ten tournament.
  12. With all that they still can't win!!
  13. Yea granddaughter plays for Corydon.
  14. Silver Creek good every year in girls basketball.We finally beat them this year .Great game at Corydon.
  15. No way we should be favored.
  16. We let it play out for 4 coaches what is another 2 or 3 years wait.Just go with the flow.
  17. Guess we are stuck with what we have for three or four more years.Then start over again.Rough few years ahead before we are legitimate again.
  18. Looks like Duncomb won't be here next year .His grandma just said Woodson outcoached again.Said Woodson plays his choosen ones.
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