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  1. So you get a small card that is tied to your check in info. Each tap has a card reader attached to it. Insert the card, pour and it charges per ounce. I think it was like $.34 per ounce or something (or at least that was one that I looked at. I'm not sure if they were all the same or not. I poured a 12 ounc'er ish of some Orange blossom (don't recall the brewery, I was probably drunk). It was ~$4.00
  2. My little town of Gosport,IN has a “new” pizza joint and self serve tap room. I finally tried it out today and it’s a pretty cool concept. I haven’t seen that many people in a town of 800, on a Sunday afternoon ever! all there selections are beers from Indiana breweries, with a few of your normal redneck traditionals thrown in.
  3. I shop manufacturing business liquidation/ surplus auctions. Last year I found a pilot/ test manufacturing line for IV catheters, by pure blind luck. I was familiar with the line as it was from one of my customers. It had 2 very specific pieces in it that only a very VERY few people would know about. I bought the whole line (original price would have been north of $2mill) for $7,500. I sold the 2 specific pieces for $50k. I'm still selling off other pieces. Absolutely killed my tax's this year!
  4. My PhD investing experience, looking only at my crypto, simply says . FU Elon. Shut up.
  5. DUDE... that is a great find article! It is bringing back memories of me (Bouchiee) whippin the crap out of my little bro (5 yrs the younger) in our brand new Nerf BBall goal hung from the closet door. To be honest, he was pretty soft competition... Anyway, it also reminds me that Steve is why I wanted a super curly perm. Dad was a total HELL no... No matter how bad I wanted it, looking back now though with my bright orange/ red hair, Dad was 100% TOTALLY FREAKIN WRONG.! ! ! I would have rocked that Bouchiee Carrot top! (at 4'7") .
  6. ANd don't cha know what Starts with IN ?? IN(diana) Mike Effin Woodson we trust! That's what..
  7. Not the exact herb I was expecting for your neck of the woods..
  8. With that crowd, I am sure we have pee'd on some of the same trees! (so to speak).
  9. What year? I met a life long, cherished friend from Lincoln, while I was going to VU, back in 86-88.
  10. I know them both quiet well. John is doing sports broadcasting wIth Tony Kale, a local radio celeb I went to school with. Steve is an awesome human ! His Daughter, Karen who also played bball for IUWBB is my Insurance agent. Was Chance still doing the Quiz Bowl when you were with him?
  11. You probably saw some of the scars I left on that building then !! Tangent Convo Side step... Back when I was in Jr High, Steve Bouchiee's sister was a Student teacher in one of my classes. I was a HUGE fan of his during his BB Carrier and the fact that she smokin hot (to a ~14 yr old boy) was just icing on the cake!
  12. Edgewood High , Ellettsville IN. 86' .
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