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  1. Well keep it up, it looks like my snap shot in time was short lived. Good luck !
  2. My bad man. I must of had well over a minute of delay. Didn't even occur to me.
  3. interesting to bring this before the game is over, but very fitting in a very vomit way. You are dead to me.
  4. How doe's the zebras call a time out of a player with a limp? ???
  5. Just like leaving the marriage at the alter. We only half done dude. We ain't even screwed them yet. C'mon man.
  6. He was WAAAAAAAY to timid. It's go time young man. There is not better go time than right freaking now.
  7. They expended a hell of a lot of energy to be up 5. Let go close this out. But for the love of god, get fired up !!!!
  8. Lets not forget the remaining 37 minutes folks. Rough start but there's a little time left.
  9. True, but F Izzo. I now have allegiance to IU and my bracket... Again F Izzo and now, those zebras who give his teams preference because he didn't die years ago and have just hung around. F izzo.
  10. Zebras just called that travel on Marquette well before it ever happened. It was going to probably happen, but that is BS.
  11. What about your shoe coming off slowing up that game? making you play for 60 seconds with only one shoe? Why do some ref's call TO while others let it remain game on?
  12. And here I thought I was weird thinking about WTF are you all wearing low tops... But as normal, I have WONDERFUL ideas, shortly after everyone else.
  13. Just checked, we still good !!! So are you actually Kim? Am I competing with a girl? If so, It won't be the first time I've had my tailed kicked by a girl.
  14. Must be a new fan then.. muahahaha down goes pUKe down goes pUKe ! ! !! It never gets old.
  15. Timing is everything. I beat the piss out of the eventual Indiana state wrestling champ, when we were in 2nd grade......
  16. Were you saying this out loud in the voice of the Geiko Gieko? I am. I'll see myself out now.
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