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  1. My thoughts exactly. Also why I said I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think if we can sustain this momentum, and keep improving recruiting, we at least have the opportunity to supplant UM and PSU over the next decade. Not going to be easy though. OSU is a whole different beast, but if we could get to the point where beat them 1 out of every 3 years, I'd be ecstatic. I also am assuming that Allen stays and the administration does what it has to in order to keep him.
  2. It's getting hard to contain my excitement for what this program is turning into! We keep this up and retain Allen when the blue bloods start offering, and we could turn into a perennial top ten team. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but we have a great coaching staff, on-field results, and our recruiting has just been on overdrive. Gotta keep that momentum!
  3. This is HUGE for the program. He's a borderline 5-star recruit. If you go and look at the list of kids in his class committed at this point in time, every other single recruit is committed to a blue-blood program. This commitment, coupled with another strong season, could really open the recruiting floodgates. I see some really good times ahead for IU football!
  4. Yeah, how I feel about this is that 3's are worth more than 2's. Having two 7-footers isn't going to be an advantage if the guys they have to guard are running circles around them and torching them from three. Like Woodson said in his hiring press conference, the three point line has changed the game. In that sense, I think you build the roster to compete in the tournament, not dominate the Big Ten, and that means having one great post player and a few who can back him up, and several elite guards.
  5. I'm pumped for this! I wish it were sooner, though. I've always dreamt of a regular season series with ND, but I always thought it was just a pipe dream. This also lends further credence to IU's rise in football.
  6. To be perfectly candid, I think Woodson is doing better so far than even Stevens would have. I know it's total speculation, and there's no way to quantify what Stevens could have done to this point, but Woody's just knocking it out of the park right now.
  7. What I'm honestly most excited about is the increased shooting ability this team will have. I think we are going to play a style that will be fun to watch as well as successful. The past few years, it's sometimes felt like a chore watching the games.
  8. With the roster and coaching staff almost set, I was wondering what everyone else's thoughts are for next season? To be honest, I could see this being a team that competes for the Big Ten, and one that could make a deep tournament run. I'm not saying that's my expectation, but I see it as possible. The roster is just very well rounded at this point, and we can finally put lineups in where there's offensive threats from every position. That being said, it's also Woodson's first year, and there are bound to be some transitional hiccups, but I can't imagine this team won't be signific
  9. I think most people understand the boos weren't really directed at the players...
  10. VA makes no sense considering what he's transferring from. They play even slower than IU did under Archie. IU or Illinois makes much more sense if his goal is to get to the NBA.
  11. And if you're TV Teddy you have to get a running start!
  12. I get what you're saying, but you also shouldn't be able to lower a shoulder and barrel over a guy and get a foul called on him just because it's within five feet of the basket. It's an inherently unfair rule.
  13. I'd like to see that circle under the basket get scrapped or figure something out to make it more fair. I hate seeing blatant charges that the defensive player can't avoid get called blocks just because it's in an arbitrary circle.
  14. Refs seem to be rooting for Gonzaga.
  15. I hope this is a meme we see on a regular basis!
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