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  1. MD shot ten more threes than IU, while shooting three fewer shots overall, and still got 29 ft attempts to IU's 12. When they refused to call the flagrant on Maryland, I knew we had no chance. It was BLATANT and clearly intentional. He honestly should have been thrown out for it.
  2. This kind of stuff objectively negates the idea that the refs don't decide outcomes of games. Absolutely their fault IU is losing tonight. I get it. IU played like crap, but in a properly officiated game, it's down to the wire at worst.
  3. Impossible to overcome how unbalanced the officiating is with JHS also going 1-13 or something like that
  4. It was so obviously intentional. Such crap
  5. Maryland fans don't know anything about basketball lol
  6. "Suspended!? Doug, kick him off the tour!"
  7. No, absolutely not. This is the Big Ten. It goes on everywhere.
  8. I don't care what anyone else says, that was a hard fought road win. Minny played out their ass and punched way above their weight class tonight.
  9. They are hitting some crazy tough shots.
  10. You're not wrong, but when you rebound it while you're choke holding your teammate because it falls right into your hands and your one-armed push shot goes in, luck is also on your side.
  11. Minny had a ton of luck in that half
  12. Maybe it has something to do with volume, too?
  13. Best shot quality on the graph with average shooters.
  14. Lol OSU loses by single digits after getting dominated the whole game. Playing the kenpom long game
  15. Maybe OSU will finally drop more than one spot in kenpom after this game
  16. As I saw it explained elsewhere, it's also because Kenpom is more an efficiency metric than a wins and losses metric, so, even though OSU lost five straight, they were within the "safe" margin that Kenpom predicted them to be in within those games, so it doesn't hurt their ranking as much. Basically, from the way I understand it, as long as you outperform what Kenpom "predicts" your performance to be, you'll "improve" in the metric. So if you're expected to lose by 10, and you lose by 5, you're more likely to move up than down. I could be wrong, but I saw that explanation, and it makes sense given OSU's seeming inability to be affected by those rankings. Plus, we have several double digit losses, and OSU only has one.
  17. With the style of victories this week, I think we move back in to the 20-25 range with the sheer number of ranked losses.
  18. Refs doing everything possible to keep Purdue in the lead
  19. His presence in the corner does also help keep the lane more clear for TJD. Put JG in the corner instead, and his defender is going to just ignore him out there and clog the lane.
  20. If we had played at Kansas this week instead of a month ago, we would have won by 30.
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