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  1. Why the Worst N.B.A. Player Is (Probably) Still Better Than You
  2. We are similar. We have stated to try to remember to go maskless (keeping it on wrist or in pocket for going into place) while walking outdoors, but it’s kind of a weird feeling here. Probably 60-70 of the people still are wearing masks while out and about. I think Brooklyn is very much “one for all” to protect each other, so when you would see maskless people, you immediately thought a**hole or careless pr*ck. Now I feel like one of those. But I do think we are fine outdoors walking around without if you are vaccinated. What is NOT going to change here immediately is masks indoors. Too
  3. Awesome, and yes I forgot that the Pfizer was the only one approved for teens. Super cool for him and you.
  4. Damn, that sucks. I know many on here weren’t super happy with him, but I liked him and wanted to see him have a chance to improve.
  5. Thank you! Smart. We’ve been giving Chloe glucosamine for a few years and I’m sure it helps. So, we sprang for the MRI today after talking to a neurologist who didn’t think her symptoms were consistent with IVDD. Turns out she either had a stroke (most likely) or there might be a brain tumor (we hope not). It’s been a rough week for her and us, but she’s back at home. They think the stroke happened either Sunday night or early Monday morning. My wife was remembering today that Chloe was at the end of the bed around 4am Monday morning and then she kind of shuffled wei
  6. It is really heartbreaking to see them like this. You wonder how confused and scared they are. Or if they take it in stride. Hoping for the latter. Her appetite has been strong, which is always a good sign. She also wagged her tail at me yesterday when I was trying to hold her so she could use the bathroom. That brought on the waterworks for sure. 😭
  7. We are having a bit of a rough time with our dear dachshund Chloe. They are prone to back issues (IVDD) that can leave them paralyzed and we thought that since she was 14 we had avoided IVDD. On Monday, she started having some trouble walking so we took her to emergency vet. They said to keep her confined for two weeks. That night she couldn’t even stand on her own and it’s now full blown IVDD. We are not doing back surgery on a 14 year old dog, that would be too invasive and risky. Also back surgery is not a sure thing. So, we have to keep her immobilized in a crate for 8 weeks an
  8. Dang, poor girl. I bet she will feel so much better when she recovers and realizes this is gone!
  9. Great tip, I normally do that when I plant starts. And I always try to pinch off the lower leaves so they won’t get water from the soil splashed onto them. Also gives them some room to breathe down there!
  10. I dig your organization! I really need to start keeping track of what I plant and when. Our terrace is a constantly evolving thing, but I try to keep the tomatoes and peppers in check.
  11. I’ve found that they won’t grow much until the weather heats up, but as long as it’s not a bad cold snap they should be fine. My Brandywine Pinks are about 2-3 feet tall already. Gets pretty hot where we have them.
  12. I feel like we usually get what you guys get about 4-7 days later. What did you plant? Inquiring minds want to know!
  13. Wow, nothing like that here yet. I’ve got everything outside already, so hoping we don’t have that later this week.
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