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  1. Dang it Zuckerkorn! Who cares about what kinda pudding they serve!? Let's see these guys win some games!! 😂
  2. I think Hunter fell well short of his potential. Be it the health issues, not meshing with coaches, lack of "give a damn"....whatever, the biggest thing i think he takes with him that few showed last year was an edge. He never backed down or shyed away from anyone and hopefully there are a few guys that will let their inner "Sheehey" out on the floor this year. Best of luck to Hunter moving forward. I really rooted for the kid and he always looked like he was right on the edge of breaking out and just couldnt take that next step.
  3. Ok, can we change it to "Marsha" then? We need to get rid of all the "L's" we can from last year.
  4. So after TJD, relatively speaking I would say the talent gap between 2-13 isnt that big. Do you think CMW will have the guys go balls to the wall on defense and push the tempo on offense and sub frequently? Not the line change thing Cal did a few years back, but just keep throwing fresh legs at the other team and try to literally run the other team outa the gym. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Is the "4" being played by a player we dont have yet in this case?
  6. Why you gota replay IU game footage from the last few years!? 🤷‍♂️
  7. X Stewart Hunter Race/Jordan TJD or...... Lander X Stewart Hunter TJD It all kinda depends on what version of 4-1 CMW wants to play.
  8. I think A.J. Guyton is available and i know for a fact he would LOVE to get a chance to work with the team.
  9. Totally agree! We are not now, or ever really, in a place where we can have a half hearted Hoosier. Im 100% ok with taking some time to figure out where your heart is at, but if ur not all in you should get out. That being said, Arman, please be all in on IU!!!
  10. So did you just become a fan within the last 10 days....been in a coma the last 4 years perhaps? Because there wasnt ANYONE taught to shoot in that time frame. We had Storm Troopers laughing at how little we hit!! 🤣🤣
  11. You in Miami???? Oh wait, that's snow, not......"snow". 🤣
  12. Aparently its about like any other field...you are either a generational talent in your field or you fail up to success. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I would think that would be the main kicker. I know leaving is leaving, but actively looking to join a direct competitor vs weighing your options on iu or nba is a big difference. I REALLY would love to see Arman back at iu next year! But i would think a "💩 or get off the pot" discussion would be had sooner than later.
  14. Correct me if im wrong, but didnt somebody on here say Franklin was taking part in team activities? If he was leaving, or even talking/meeting with other teams, it wouldnt make sense for him to still be working out with our team would it?
  15. Could you imagine the reaction if they opened up the order and saw it was supposed to be engeaved with "3ballin" on it!? 🤣🤣🤣
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