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  1. I was not happy with hiring of Coach Woodson initially either. Man was I wrong! I have been wrong many times, but I have never been this happy about how wrong I was. What an incredible staff!
  2. I wish that all of our fallen brothers were here to share this excitement with!
  3. Man has Woody hit the ground running, or what! It’s been too long since I felt this upbeat about IU basketball!
  4. I had no idea how bad it apparently was. I know that this team had some limitations, but now I will always wonder what might have been.
  5. Get off my lawn, you young whipper snapper.😉
  6. I am intrigued by the idea of the brain trust that is potentially being put together for the program. There are of course concerns about how this will play out and whether or not the personalities will mesh. However, I like the idea of having the this level of basketball knowledge and experience onboard. Our culture, in general, does not have much respect for older people with vast experience, but in the appropriate situation, they can have a great deal to offer. If we can combine this knowledge and experience with the right assistant coaches, it could be very effective. If we are looking
  7. Initially, I was pretty bummed out by this hire. Like so many others, I wanted Brad Stevens. Now the more I read, the more positive I am about Coach Woodson. I also like the idea of the brain trust that he is putting together. I am choosing to be cautiously optimistic and support Coach Woodson and our program.
  8. I wish him all the success in the world. I don’t expect that to be the case though. Oh well, now I can put away those pesky dreams of greatness for IU men’s basketball.
  9. How far we have fallen! I’m trying to figure out why I should care about IU basketball, when the university apparently does not.
  10. Anything is possible, but he just signed a contract extension and has his son set up to replace him at UH.
  11. I assume that you are being sarcastic. Not going to happen. If it did, IU basketball would be dead to me.
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