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  1. Completely understand, it would be great to see a kid that goes to a school 20 minutes from where I grew up make it to IU. I agree that he will probably stand out more and be more of the leader. It is hard when you are sophomore with another division I recruit that is a senior to take over. It will be fun to watch him grow, fill out, and lead his team. The rumor I heard was Joey (dad) wanted to get the WRV position, I don't know how much I buy into it, but that is what was going around. Will be interesting to see where he goes, if he does leave.
  2. It will be interesting to see how his career plays out. You may know more about this than me, but I've heard his dad is moving on from Linton, heard rumors but nothing concrete. He kind of played second fiddle to Lincoln Hale at times there. Speaking of Hale, any ideas on what is going on with him? Heard he decomitted from ISU then haven't heard a word there either. Back to Joey, I agree it is probably a long shot. I have seen him play live a few games and he doesn't seem like a high major to me, at least not yet. Some of that could have been deferring to Hale too. He seems like
  3. It's not a muscular competition in basketball, but having strength has great benefits. There is nothing wrong with what Cliff is doing, and he most definitely isn't ruining kids shooting. This is hard work and they make gains over a period of time. They are shooting, or should be, hundreds of shots in between workouts. If we just went hardcore lifting for 3 months with no shooting, then maybe it could effect shooting. They, however, are doing basketball activities daily too so this is not the case. It is a bad argument to say our kids are getting to strong to shoot.
  4. Karaban is transferring to IMG Academy for his senior season.
  5. Haven't seen him listed, but Brady Manek interests me from Oklahoma. 6'9" and shot 37% from deep...that sounds like a stretch 4 to me.
  6. I gotcha, kind of glossed over that...I’m a teacher so my big thing is I hope these kids get education too, while chasing dreams
  7. The nice thing is the money for college, but if a kid goes to this program they are telling you they are going to teach them about finances, media, and social justice....lets say a kids dream doesn't pan out and they then need a college...Two-three years of no math, science, english, etc....Imagine the struggle for the kid to reteach ones self in the subjects with multiple years lost..... I agree it probably won't hurt a vast majority of kids, because the ones that do it will be upper echelon, but I worry it creates a slippery slope for say the Jonathan Benders and DeSange Diops of the world
  8. Saw this...I really hope this has true education that goes with it. If it's more of a joke in that regard they are just setting kids up for failure. Even kids who are "elite" in high school don't always translate to the pro game. So many have attempted to go straight from high school and then failed. I am not a fan of this idea, let kids be kids and focus on school and friends in high school. just my opinion.
  9. I don’t think so, but I too could be wrong
  10. Why do you say this? I’ve only seen one Noah Locke update and we were one that contacted.
  11. Yes, now the question is....Is it Brooks or is it Armaan?
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