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  1. If he buys in….if, if, if…if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. I doubt he buys in at this point…
  2. watch that a little and you’ll think better than good lol
  3. could be nothing but this is the guys who takes pictures of recruits a lot when they are on campus
  4. Ill have to take your word for it since a subscription is required to read it, but thats good to hear that he has a relationship with JHS.
  5. Have you ever heard the Bob and Tom skit about "The First Baseball Game Ever Played"
  6. Ware would get a great get…even has some outside touch. Could play with Malik because of that. Great with X pick and roll or pick and pop big…lob city…if you could get Knecht too…dangerous
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CqgC46YudMe/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  8. Yea I could go for some Love right about now…
  9. Where did this come from that he reached out? I haven’t seen anyone post a source, even a bad one, that it has happened
  10. no idea of this is reputable, but thought I’d share…
  11. Prolific high school scorer....volume 3 shooter at Syracuse and hit at a good rate...
  12. I did a quick check on rosters.. the only name I could come with is Hunter Sallis because I know we recruited him....I am quite sure this is wrong lol
  13. I was just coming to say this too. What a clown...cheated because your 14-18 team didn't get invited to a tourney...they shouldn't have been invited....also I agree be humble and glad to be number 2...you make these comments an people dig into the stats and it makes you look even worse. Pistol Pete's record is nearly unbreakable.
  14. Except Sisley and Haralson....get those kids lol
  15. I don’t think that part was confirmed…just a Purdue name moving out, not necessarily here…
  16. In the article it said his family said that he wasn't going to necessarily follow Cooley....could be he knows how bad Georgetown's roster was last year..
  17. Likes the corner 3 like Miller....He may be my new favorite transfer lol...really solid looking shooting stroke and can even hit from well beyond the 3 line...
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