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  1. Right now it's not even certain he'll be in college next season. He entered the draft so he probably won't select a school until after (if) he pulls out of that which will probably be around the deadline to withdraw.
  2. The extra year does transfer. The only thing that doesn't transfer is the special case of seniors this year not counting towards the scholarship count if they stayed with the school they played with this past season. So if Durham and Brunk had stayed they wouldn't have counted towards the 13 scholarships but they will with their new schools.
  3. Probably not. ESPN and 247 have him right outside 5* so 35th on rivals would probably move him closet to 5* but not quite there. He'll probably be a burger boy, though.
  4. I also thought they updated the rankings a week or so ago and had moved Bates up to around 5* range. I looked it up and that was ESPN, so maybe that's what you're thinking of too.
  5. I applaud them. I'm glad Miller is no longer there. I just don't think he'd sell that aspect, at least not hard. To a lesser extent also Glass. He did start up some stuff to help the athletes when it the change comes but I don't think he would've embraced it as much as I think Dolson will.
  6. About $4.5M. ~$3M for Woodson, $400k for Fife ($375k + $25k annually), ~$300k each for Hunter and Rosemond (I guess Hunter is renegotiating so that might increase), and $400k for Matta.
  7. The player might be waiting until the end of the semester. I think most years that is early May. I don't know if it's the same this year or if the semester is already over.
  8. Not at the rivals site, that's for sure. That's obvious because he actually logged on.
  9. It's intentional. He changed the spelling to remove an "l" from the last name.
  10. I think this is part of the reason why some previous NBA coaches have had issues when trying to coach in college. The NBA players have been around the game so long that many of them have a great understanding of the game and might be able to recognize and make the adjustments themselves or only need to be told once and will do it. Plus, some strategies might not work as well in college since the players trying to perform those actions aren't as skilled and/or athletic as what the coach is used to so might not be able to be effective at it. I hope these aren't issues for Woodson. If it is,
  11. You mistake me for an NBA fan. I rarely watch until the playoffs and even watching the playoffs I don't do often. However, that doesn't blind me to the fact that the NBA is much more popular than college ball.
  12. You mean to tell me that the majority of people who post on a forum for a college basketball team tend to prefer college basketball to the NBA? I'm shocked. Shocked, I say. That's a sampling error and doesn't correctly show the opinions of the population as a whole. Scott, we get it that you love IU and nothing else. You also don't care what other people like. We get it. You say it over and over. "I would also say take out all of the NBA cities which is 30 and are the largest cities I would say that college basketball would rank higher." lol, what? That is a ridiculous argu
  13. No, they publicize NBA stuff because the NBA is popular and people want to hear about it. Because of that popularity it's a bigger deal if the players, teams, or the league itself takes a stance on some issue. Even if they don't, the NBA would still be talked about because it's popular.
  14. Do many people care about the NBA? Simple economics point to yes. Good but not great NBA players couldn't make $40M/yr if no one cared about the NBA. The NCAA is popular but not nearly as popular. The B1G disbursement to the schools is ~$50M. That includes revenue from all sports, not just basketball.
  15. I initially had something like "within what's allowed by the rules" in there and erased it because I'm sure it'll happen regardless of what the rules say.
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