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  1. Last I saw, IU had slipped out of the top 5 into the 6-10 range. I bet if random people around the country were asked about the top 5 basketball programs, IU wouldn't make the top 5. Kentucky, Duke, and UNC probably would with a bunch of other teams fighting it out for the last 2 spots. IU would get mentioned but would probably be beat out by schools like Kansas, MSU, Gonzaga, and Louisville who have all been better over the last 20 years than IU. IU still has lots of loyal fans and that helps bring in money. But the brand has fallen nationally and there's been evidence of apathy setting in over the last 4 years within the fanbase. Compare the current state versus what it would be if they had been able to continue winning at the rate Knight won his first 20 years. 1 championship every 6 years or so. Or even just once per decade. Where would the brand be then? IU would be mentioned with Kentucky, Duke, and UNC, that's where. So the players do affect the brand. It's just not a quick change. What we've seen is a gradual erosion to the brand.
  2. The name on the front doesn't mean anything without players good enough to win at the D1 level. It goes both ways. It's not as though they could field a team of HS JV players and expect the name on the jersey to continue to bring in millions of dollars Do you think IU's brand is as strong as it was 30 years ago? It's not. That's because they haven't been as good the last 25 years.
  3. They bring the schools millions of dollars.
  4. I live in Phoenix and I almost never hear about college sports. When I do, it's usually ASU and not UA. I have an uncle who has lived in Tucson for decades and he says that even when UA was really good people there don't really care much. It's good to expand into new markets and I'd personally love if ASU or even UA were to join the B1G so IU would occasionally travel here for me to watch, but don't think that there is a huge fan base for UA. Both teams are on TV here, though.
  5. The medal count for IU is inflated versus that of a country because 3 of its medals are double counted. A country would have 2 less gold and 1 less silver for 2 swimming relays (Apple and Pieroni were on each) and synchronized diving (Capobianco and Hixon). That said, IU is doing quite well in the medal count. Last I saw, it was 3rd amongst universities.
  6. That pretty much sums up how I feel about transfers and missed recruits
  7. I bet the Brits excel at tea sports. The US probably doesn't do nearly as well. 😄
  8. It may have been mentioned among the Biles discussion but the IU divers have scored silver medals so far: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/olympics/capobianco-hixon-add-u-s-divers-synchro-success-take-olympic-n1275248 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2021/07/27/delaney-schnell-jessica-parratto-olympics-silver-synchronized-diving/5382896001/ Capobianco has another chance to medal in the individual 3m springboard competition.
  9. This article explains more of what her anxiety is. Like the yips for gymnastics but combined with the anxiety of getting injured. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/2021/07/28/twisties-gymnastics-simone-biles-tokyo-olympics/
  10. It's quite possible that she was worried about severely injuring herself. Her head obviously wasn't in it and she was having trouble landing the stuff she normally does. A bad landing or a slip could result a bad injury - possibly one that is career ending and/or life long. If she were to land on her head or neck, for instance, that could result in paralyzation or death. Unlikely, but possible. She also does tricks that are more difficult and dangerous than the competition. The judges are expecting her to perform those so might penalize her (even if not consciously) if she were to change her routine to perform easier ones that she'd have a better chance of landing even if not totally focused. This, of course, is just speculation on my part so I might be wrong but it makes sense.
  11. Leal and Thompson were freshmen last year so I wouldn't say they got better because of Miller. They got better as the year went on but that happens for most freshmen as they acclimate to the college game. Thompson certainly improved, it just took 4 years to get there. Franklin made a large jump between freshman and sophomore seasons but from reading an article (I believe TDH) it sounds like Miller had very little to do with that improvement. This was the player that probably had the biggest improvement from one year to the next in Miller's tenure. The other players had small, incremental improvements and the team and players both tended to regress as the seasons progressed.
  12. A. I saw a dude on FB say that 3 swimmers who got bronze medals instead of gold were "failures." Calling someone that is top 3 in the world at their sport/event a failure is absolutely ridiculous. Especially coming from someone that likely hasn't done anything significant in their life.
  13. Right, decent but not great NBA players can now make $20M/year. Lottery draft picks can make more in 1 season than what a rookie contract 30 years ago would make for the duration of that contract. Even counting for inflation, the money the pros are making is way up. In addition, the money the schools and NCAA were pulling in were only a fraction of what it is today. So a free education looked like a decent benefit in comparison. This has changed dramatically over the last 10-20 years which is why they also want to get paid while playing in college.
  14. So you are wondering why football players commit earlier than basketball players? You answered your own question: "Football season starts before basketball season." Many players want to get their recruiting out of the way before they start their senior seasons so they can concentrate on just that. Football starts soon but basketball is still more than 3 months away. Also, as far as the number of commitments is concerned, 12 in football is about the same as 2 in basketball from a percentage perspective. IU already has 1 commitment for 2022 and I wouldn't be at all shocked if there is 1 more before basketball season starts. Factor in that COVID really disrupted recruiting across the board and things will be out of whack for a bit. So I don't see any problem nor any indication that basketball players in general are more likely to be "divas" than football players. You seem to have a preconceived notion that they are and are therefore looking for evidence to back that up. This is known as confirmation bias.
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