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  1. If you think that's crazy, just think about how crazy it was just a short time ago before the NIL where the athletes weren't allowed to make money in any way outside of their scholarships on anything remotely associated with sports or their likeness. Yet they saw how much money the schools were bringing in due to their play. Walk-ons and partial scholarship athletes had it even worse.
  2. They could've called one against UNC this game. Instead, they rewarded the flop when they called a foul on Race and reward UNC with 3 free frows.
  3. They could have easily broken 80 with just a few more shots that normally fall. Reneau had at least 2 shots that he normally hits pop back out of the basket, for example.
  4. I believe the B1G was favored in 9 or 10 of the games. The ACC isn't very good this year yet they won the challenge. Brings the B1G back down to earth a bit after its great start.
  5. This win over UNC by IU will probably move Purdue into #1 while dropping IU to #15 lol
  6. Part of this is likely largely due to the B1G not having a TV deal with ESPN, but another part is that the B1G has been winning this match up. ESPN doesn't want the ACC to look bad.
  7. That pretty much lines up with my thinking on how today will go. B1G with 4 almost certain wins, 1 toss up, and 1 likely loss.
  8. You're right. I had forgotten about those. Just a bad night then. But, man, those misses were hard to watch.
  9. Banks' FT shooting is ugly. I looked and he shot 70% from the line in HS. Maybe he just needs to get used to shooting them in the college game environment but his misses mostly weren't even close to going in.
  10. One of them was a very freshman play. He bounced the ball off his foot directly to the other team which started a break. JHS raced down the court and fouled the dude. 🤦‍♀️
  11. No doubt. Who would we not have if he had stayed? I think Reneau was the last to commit? Or maybe it was Banks. Or would Leal or someone else have been pushed out the door?
  12. They do. It's almost as if it's their job.
  13. There was at least one possession where he brought the ball up the court and looked comfortable doing it. He wasn't pressured but it showed he's capable of doing that sometimes.
  14. It's hard to rank players from different teams and different eras but I will throw out some stats. After tonight, he has 1688 career points. He should be able make it to #3 or 4 on IU's all time scoring list. He's already #8 on IU's all time rebounding list with a chance to finish at #1. He's #7 on IU's all time blocks list and again has a chance at #1. So he should definitely be considered one of the best players at IU. What might hold him back in some people's eyes is that he hasn't been on great teams the past 3 years so has only 1 NCAAT appearance with 2 games played in that, the only win coming in the play in game. But those teams weren't mediocre/bad because of him, the were mediocre/bad in spite of him.
  15. Just give yourself a pat on the back and move on.
  16. An efficient 17 points to go along with 16(!) rebounds and 3 assists. TJD.
  17. Same here. I greatly underestimated him. He looks a lot better than I thought he would so far this season. I thought he would barely play even in blowouts and wouldn't do much in the time he did get. I also thought it would be a few years for him to develop. I was wrong.
  18. Just take a few hits from the bong and you won't care anymore.
  19. I came to this board and BTB to get away from that kind of behavior. I previously posted on rivals and that place is a s**t show where personal attacks are quite common. This site is so much better. A large part of that is due to mods actually caring and working to keep it that way. @bluegrassIU, I'm sorry some people ruined the game for but I want to thank you and the other mods for all the work you do here.
  20. From my understanding it's for Keeping Up with the Joneses. Upgrading facilities, research, wooing researchers to come to the school, etc. The system is very inefficient and they don't really have any incentive to make changes so that it becomes efficient. Thus they just keep raising tuition.
  21. True, which is why I looked up his HS stats. 52%. Edit: Here's the link I found for that. https://www.theseasonticket.com/stats/team_instance/6481348?subseason=755571&tab=team_instance_player_stats&tool=4568157 It looks like JHS should be a solid FT shooter.
  22. My concern with him in a tight game like this is his FT shooting. 50% this game and 50% on the season. When I looked it seems like he didn't shoot it much better in HS. He does do a lot of good things which help to offset that but teams will look to foul him.
  23. 4 of Race's 7 shots were 3 pointers and he missed him all. The team doesn't need that. It does need him to shoot (and hit) from outside on occasion but not 4 shots pet have when he's missing and certainly 50%+ of his shots shouldn't be from there That probably had at least a bit to do with why Woodson sat him in favor of Reneau this game. We'll see if that becomes common but I think you're correct and it will.
  24. @Madison22 had this hilarious (and very true) line in his post which made it approximately 3240683204623406 times better than yours: "I do not want one and done role players."
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