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  1. Picking up right where he left off with IU, I see.
  2. Just had the issue of not being able to go to the next page on my Windows laptop for the first time. Before, it only affected my Android phone browser (even a new phone).
  3. At this point I want Johnson to get 35 mpg just to annoy you.
  4. How was Craft's defense as a freshman? Was he all-conference at that time? I don't think anyone is saying he can't develop into a good defender, it's that people don't think he will be this season as a freshman. Typically, very good freshmen defenders are good because they are very athletic and can use that athleticism to recover from mistakes. Smith doesn't have that type of athleticism. Could he end up being over of the exceptions? Sure. Is it likely? No.
  5. Yes, if there is an unread thread I open it.
  6. I don't know if JHS will be that type of scorer. However, I think he will be able to STOP those kind of scorers. That is also something that has been missing recently. This isn't aimed at you, just at the board in general: I'm glad people are getting on the Reneau train. I can't believe people thought he'd only be getting 15mpg and would be playing behind JG. He's good. Really good. We need him to get a lot of PT. This team replaced 3 mid-major players and an under performing senior with 2 borderline 5*s, another top 100 recruit, and a 3* who looks like he'll eventually be good. Should be a much better team this year.
  7. Yes, he reclassified to come to IU early but then redshirted his first season, at least partially due to a lingering injury from HS.
  8. I don't really have a problem talking about other teams' recruits or, in this case, ex-recruits, but it is surprising that this conversation is still going on like a week or more later. He's not going to play for either of the Indiana B1G schools.
  9. To be fair, Jeff George was an a$$ regardless of what his parents did.
  10. I agree with you. "Lack of confidence" would be a pretty good description of Miller's IU teams.
  11. A few years ago when Google was testing self-driving cars, a lot of the accidents they got into were from getting rear-ended while getting onto or off of freeways. The reason was they were driving too slow, slower than drivers were expecting.
  12. There are two types of people: 1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
  13. Take that talk to the Xavier Johnson arrest thread where it belongs. We're talking about Xavier Johnson's arrest here, don't interrupt.
  14. Yep. It reads to me like a mom sticking up for herself and her son after getting tired of people talking s#!t about them
  15. I just saw a recent interview of TJD by AJ Guyton. One of the things TJD says they've really been working on is improving his passing. That probably includes other passes to start fast breaks.
  16. Because it's a garbage, half-assed product in the first place. It takes very little money to run and developing apps costs money. It's just a money grab as shown by the ridiculous $10/month they charge.
  17. This update says Newell hears from IU coaches daily. https://www.on3.com/news/asa-newell-updates-his-recruitment-talks-visits/
  18. 6-5 wing, high 4*. Super athletic - he can jump out of the gym. Official visit scheduled for November, starting on the 6th. https://www.on3.com/college/indiana-hoosiers/news/rakease-passmore-sets-official-visit-indiana/
  19. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/colleges/no-13-indiana-must-manage-expectations-as-big-ten-favorite/2022/10/19/dbefa9be-4fc4-11ed-ada8-04e6e6bf8b19_story.html
  20. Official visit this weekend. https://indiana.rivals.com/news/five-star-asa-newell-updates-his-recruitment
  21. I'm shocked that you would think that. Shocked, I say.
  22. Except it's not even that often from what the recruits say.
  23. The recruits say he isn't. Several have commented about how they had only talked to CMW once or twice after several months of recruiting. Are the recruits just making it up?
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