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  1. If be ok with that as long as he doesn't have the Robbie Hummel injuries.
  2. For what it's worth (basically nothing), 247 has IU listed as "warm" interest while everyone else is "cool." No crystal ball picks.
  3. Valid questions. One thing that has changed is that the team replaced 3 mid-major players and one below average point guard with 4 quality freshman including 2 in the top 30 and another in the top 100. I know that off-season improvement was nonexistent under Miller but that isn't typical. I think we'll start seeing the players get better as they get experience. The core of the team has also returned and now have a year of experience in Woodson's system. This means that Woodson and company can start working on improving the offense since last summer and early season they concentrated on defense. We also saw towards the end of the year things started to click into place and play improved. Hopefully, they can carry that over into next season. That remains to be seen but there is reason for optimism, in my opinion, even with the questions remaining about shooting.
  4. How easily people forget about the 2 championships McCracken won well before Knight was the coach. 2 championships is still much better than a Helms.
  5. That's a good question. They'll already be traveling across the country for 1/2 their conference games so I imagine they'd want their non-con games to be at home or at least on the west coast.
  6. I think it would be giving ND exactly what they want so it would hurt the chances. NBC would have their lead in games that they want before committing to $75M+/year.
  7. Re: Carr. I saw either on this site or another that he is a 56% FT shooter. To me that seems like it is likely he'll never become a good shooter. He seems to rely on his athleticism to get dunks. While he would still be able to do that at the college level, it wouldn't be nearly as easy. My guess is that he'll be a defensive specialist in college and any points are a bonus. Probably not someone you want on the floor in the final minutes of a close game.
  8. Unsurprisingly, all crystal ball picks (5) are for MSU with high confidence.
  9. I'm not surprised IU didn't make the list but I'm going to be honest, it hurts that IU was beat out by Iowa and BC. I think he's from MA so I guess BC kind of makes sense but still. Ouch.
  10. A 56% FT shooter in HS? That's terrible for a wing. That tells me he'll probably never be a good shooter. I knew he wasn't a great shooter but I didn't realize he was that bad.
  11. This is the first time since Knight (I'm intentionally not counting Sampson) that we seem to have a coach who cares about roster management. That means that some talented players will no longer be recruited if they don't fill a need.
  12. Hey, there's no on-topic posting allowed on this board!
  13. From his talking about each program, I'd say that Maryland is the favored program. That agrees with what @PointGuardEyes said in the Kaiser thread. IU might not even be #2.
  14. TBH, I dislike most B1G teams more than Purdue. MSU, PSU, and Wisconsin are at the top of that list.
  15. What Woodson needs to do this season to help alleviate those types of concerns is to not start older players who aren't performing over younger players who are. He stuck with Kopp and Stewart last year but also didn't have many other options. With how poorly they played, it still wouldn't been nice to see him change it up a bit This year Stewart is gone and there is more depth (on paper) at the wing. So if Kopp isn't meeting expectations or if someone is seriously outperforming him, it would be great to see Kopp get benched. Same goes for Thompson if Reneau is playing a lot better than him. That would be good for the team but also allow the coaching staff to show that they mean it when they tell the recruits they have a chance to get real PT and/or start even if there is already someone ahead of them on the roster. The reverse is also true. The recruits will notice if Woodson sticks with upperclassmen who aren't performing over younger players who are.
  16. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/some-premier-college-athletes-face-option-to-exchange-nil-riches-for-portion-of-future-earnings/ I'm not sure I'd be willing to sacrifice future earnings if I was in their spot.
  17. I hope not. He's a hard pass from me (not that the coaching staff asks or cares what I think).
  18. That's 16 games where they combined for single digit points. Only 3 games where they combined for 20 or more. For 2 starters, that is far from impressive. Fortunately, Stewart has moved on. Kopp should see a reduction in minutes unless he can increase his production.
  19. I just saw that the Big 12 is supposedly trying to poach Minnesota from the B1G. Won't happen because UM won't take the pay cut.
  20. Some of the players entering the portal were quitting the sport anyways and I guess entered the portal just because; probably a small percentage but it does happen. Walk-ons also enter the portal and it's not surprising if they don't find new schools. Both of those will skew the numbers.
  21. Excellent post. One area we can really improve on from last season which cost us a few games is wing defense. Specifically, individual wings who go off on us which happened multiple times last year. JHS should help with that immediately. An improved Bates would help. Banks could earn some PT doing that. Having Geronimo guarding a wing rather than being stuck under the basket should also help. Stewart being gone will help and all his potential replacements are better defenders than he is. Phinisee is a good defender but he isn't long. JHS should be able to step into that role and with is size advantage be more effective. Kopp is an okay defender but there are better options on this roster now.
  22. You must be looking at this on a phone. On my monitor here it is obviously fingers but if I squint I can see how it might look like legs on a small screen.
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