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  1. OOOH.... i just purchased my plane ticket for my first assembly hall visit of the year. Expensive weekend, but nothing beats it.
  2. What does this even mean? You are a troll. You only crawl out from under your bridge to badger XJ. This only happens when you may have a bit of a leg to stand on just to try to gloat that you may have a point in a single circumstance, but you disappear the other 99 times where you would look like a fool. Everyone block him so he can carry on a conversation by himself like Steven Glansberg.
  3. It’s not obviously. Point being is… They are predominately college kids arguing on social media. Something most of us dont/haven’t experienced, let alone when we were at that stage in life. I for one am glad social media wasn’t as prevalent when I was in college. We here are predominantly grown adults. Yet with most of us being adults there are still childish fights on here.
  4. Its a conversation thread for people to bring their opinions and have a friendly discussion, even though sometimes the friendly goes out the window lol. Great game. Great win.
  5. It's college kids are fighting with college kids on social media.
  6. and other teams and fans were bitching back then. It is kind of alarming that purdue is almost 10 % points less than #2 and then half of the league average.
  7. I am aware. I was on the women's practice squad in college and we would whoop them. But that goes to my point, what works in girls bball doesnt necessarily work in boys, and vise versa. Its a completely different game.
  8. isnt that the initial rumored issue when Fife left?
  9. I dont know if there is much the men can learn from the women (in basketball), even conceptually. The game is completely different... speed, reaction times, length, the spaces are narrower, the margin of error is much less. You can almost every time throw it over the top, in men basketball that doesnt happen often. The teams are different personnel wise. The womens team looks like they have positions 1-4 can help break the press because they are decent enough ball handlers. The men have JHS. I get nervous with TG breaking the press. at times we had TG and TB breaking the press. The men just dont have the personnel.
  10. Celentano and Aidan Morris called up to USMNT for January camp. Aiden played Wednesday night and looked like he has a future on the squad, a bit loose at times, but was all over the field pressuring the ball and forcing turnovers.
  11. its only going to get worse. Social media is a part of this generation. This is how they build their following and brands. MK specifically has a Primal brand. He is not going to stay off social media. Some of the things he says, i agree, dont need to be said. But in the same breath for how crazy the fans were during that skid, you cant expect nothing in retaliation. They aren't puppets or robots and you cant tell them to just shut up and play the game for your entertainment.
  12. I can't believe CTM did such a horrible coaching job to be down by 4 in the first half... at HOME! TIC But seriously can we stop comparing the girls team and the boys team, and using phrases like "man, i think the girls should come teach the guys." 🙄
  13. I think Michigan has a real good shot here. they matchup well. Hunter can guard bigs without fouling and is stronger than the string bean goon.
  14. He got ate up on the defensive end by Henley, i believe, in 2 straight drives. then got pulled.
  15. If you're TJD, why shoot 15 footers and out, if you can go for 25 doing it 3' and in. (in college) TJD seems like a dude who has done nothing but perfect his craft over the last 4 years. Give him a year of being paid to just to put up 14 million jump shots, he could probably develop one.
  16. I don’t understand how this has been posted soooo many times here. This is not an example of “everything is on fire”. This is more of a disgruntled family member who thinks their little sugar bear is the most talented person in the history of America, and doesn’t understand why they never get playing time…. News flash… he’s not that good.
  17. Missed 3 weeks while I was back home, but I’ll rejoin. Seahawks @ 49ers (-9.5) Chargers (-1.5) @ Jaguars Dolphins @ Bills (-9.5) Giants @ Vikings (-3) Ravens @ Bengals (-7) Cowboys (-2.5) @ Bucs
  18. I just saw a couple of transfers coming over: Texas Tech DL Philip Blidi Stanford LB Jacob Mangum-Farrar
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