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  1. Announcing tomorrow… feeling Michigan.
  2. I believe i started the KJ train. the K is a lot closer to L than the X is. So from here on out its Kavier Johnson.
  3. i saw somewhere that Kentucky is sniffing around
  4. I think KJ is gone. Stewart more than likely gone. Kopp 50/50. Durr staying. TJD gone. Phinisee and Thompson more than likely gone. In my mind 5-6 would be leaving
  5. We need some news to talk about here. Any news of someone potentially committing soon?
  6. Most people would agree, if you're not an OSU, Clemson, and Bama fan. I like how it seems there is more of a set standard and less arbitrary, like it currently is. But also, preseason rankings will be all more so important.
  7. https://collegefootballplayoff.com/news/2021/6/10/12-team-playoff-proposal.aspx link to the new proposed format. i am gathering the feeling is that its basically gonna happen. afraid to use done deal around here anymore lol.
  8. Interested in everyones thoughts. I like the expansion. I think 12 is too much.
  9. Ill play if needed, but kick me out if you get enough people
  10. We don’t speak of that name ‘round here
  11. do you think, if in fact he does commit, that would affect the recruitment of the likes of Washington, and Filipowski?
  12. the freshman number to me was a bit surprising. Goes to show that these recruits are being told anything and everything just to get them in the door on a leash. Only difference now, is they still are coming through the door, but the leash no longer exists with the free transfer.
  13. i may have missed it. who was added as a GA?
  14. Can anyone find the number of transfers by class? How many freshman, sophomores, JRs, SRs? would be interesting to see.
  15. I kinda wish this was Tara Reid circa 2000, but seems like tarris would be a good get as well.
  16. You're talking about primarily dealing with 1-2 year players. That's a lot of turnover every year. How many players would you have to get from the transfer portal every year? 4? 5? 6?
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